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Sir Oliver Humperdink (1949-2011)

Real NameJohn Jay "Red" Sutton
Lifespan - 1/16/1949-3/20/2011
Minneapolis, MN

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional BackgroundAWA(`64-`73), Grand Prix[Montreal](`73), Los Angeles(`74), Florida(`75), Tri-State(`76), Florida(`77), Amarillo(`78-`79), Florida(`80-`81), Kansas City(`81), Mid-Atlantic(`82-`83), Florida(`83-`87), Mid-South(`85), Kansas City(`85), WWF(`87-`88), WCW(`89), Florida(`89), Indies(`89-`93)

AliasesRed Sutton, The Big Kahuna, Rooster Humperdink, Big Daddy Dink

Peak Years - `75-`83

GroupsHouse of Humperdink

Wrestlers Abdullah the Butcher, Gene Anderson, Lars Anderson, The Assassins, Ox Baker, Big Steele Man, Bam Bam Bigelow, Hollywood Blondes (Dale Roberts & Jerry Brown), Matt Borne, Bruiser Brody, "Killer" Tim Brooks, Leroy Brown, Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy & Jimmy Garvin), Terry Funk, "Superstar" Billy Graham, The Great Muta, Hercules Hernandez, "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers, Paul Jones, Ivan Koloff, Jos LeDuc, Lord Humongous (Sid Vicious), Masked Nightmare (Randy Culley), Kareem Muhammad, Don Muraco, One Man Gang, Paul Orndorff, Bob Orton Jr., Mr. Pogo, Hans Schroeder, Kevin Sullivan, Greg Valentine, Nikolai Volkoff, Kendall Windham

Place in HistoryJohn Sutton is an example of one of a fan whose persistence and drive to become involved in pro-wrestling led him to getting a shot and making it. After working as an usher, ringboy, a referee and doing sporadic managing for the AWA, Sutton hooked up with an up-and-coming tag team. The Hollywood Blondes were two good wrestlers put together by Bill Watts in Tri-State and were really excelling. On their way to Montreal, they picked up Red Sutton, who became Sir Oliver Humperdink and became key stars during the Montreal promotional wars. After that run, the trio toured the US and it was a very successful formula. After parting ways, Humperdink found a home in Florida, where he would spend most of his career and became the head of his "House of Humperdink" stable. It has been said that Humperdink just had something about him that people hated. How he looked, how he talked and how acted just rubbed the fans the wrong way. Humperdink was able to make a name for himself in Amarillo and Kansas City, but kept returning to Florida. After that office closed, he had short stints in the WWF and WCW. Sir Oliver Humperdink is memorable manager, but what made him was a forgotten run with a forgotten tag team. He developed into a fast-talker who the fans hated and one of the best managers in a time when managers were important components to a promotion's heel side.