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Honkytonk Man

Real Name - Roy Wayne Ferris

Birthdate - 2/25/53

5'9" 250 lbs. - Gilbert, AZ

Athletic Background - Weightlifting, Football

Teacher(s) - Lester Welch

Professional Background - Memphis(`78-`81), WWC(`80-`81), Knoxville[Crockett](`82), SECW[Alabama](`82-`84), Vancouver(`83), Stampede(`84-`86), WWF(`86-`91), WCW(`94), AWF(`97), WWF(`97)

AliasesWayne Ferris, Red Diablo, Danny Condrey, Honkytonk Wayne

Groups - Midnight Express Inc., Memphis Mafia, Hart Foundation

Peak Years - `80-`88

Finisher(s) - 
- Shake, Rattle & Roll (Swinging Neckbreaker)

Favorites - 
- Guitar Shot

- Fistdrop from the second turnbuckle

- Bodyslam

- Double Axe Handle Drop

- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Wayne Farris was a good Southern wrestler who managed to craft an unforgettable persona and rose to become the self-professed “Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All-Time” as the Honkytonk Man.  A well-rounded athlete who quit his day job teaching physical education to learn the business, Farris had a tough ascension in the sport.  Aside from a run with Larry Latham as the Blonde Bombers, Farris rarely stood out.  He worked in a variety of places, but developed a style and gimmick that seemed characteristic of Memphis.  He eventually caught a break with the WWF as an Elvis impersonator, which seemed cartoonish for pro-wrestling, but was incredibly over in the WWF of the late 1980s.  The Honkytonk Man was never a top notch worker, yet his mannerisms, his interviews and his arrogance overshadowed any shortcomings he had.  For a time, he was perhaps the hottest heel in the company.  Honky was known as a friend of Hulk Hogan’s and some say his push was entirely based on that relationship.  However, he filled the role and was always able to draw impressive heat.  After his run in the WWF, the Honkytonk Man became a real vagabond who probably made more mileage out of his fairly short WWF run than any of his peers with similar exposure.  Aside from a short time in WCW and a managerial run in the WWF, Honky has been one of the premier independent talents around.  He has kept his brand strong, he has been controversial enough to keep people talking and he can still deliver because of his distinctive style.  Pro-wrestling is best when it has variety and the Honkytonk Man knew that and capitalized on his one chance and became one of the most memorable and outrageous characters in the sport’s history.