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Hollywood Blonds (Jerry Brown & Buddy Roberts)

Jerry Brown
Real Name - Gerald Brown
Birthdate - 5/10/37
6’1" - 230 lbs. - Albert Lea, MN

Athletic background - n/a
Teachers - n/a
Professional background - Kansas City(`68-`69), Tri-State(`69-`70), Nashville(`77), Tri-State(`77-`82), New Japan(`78), Kansas City(`78-`84), SECW(`80)
Aliases - Gerald Brown, The Convict, Big C #2

Buddy Roberts
Real Name - Dale Hey
Birthdate - 5/16/1945 - 11/29/2012
5'9" 210 lbs. - Dell City, OK
Athletic background - n/a
Teachers - Ivan Koloff
Professional background - Stampede(`67), AWA(`68-`69); SWCW(`78-`79), New Japan(`78), Mid South(`79-`80), Georgia(`80-`82), WCCW(`82-`85), AWA(`85), UWF(`85-`86), JCP/WCW(`86), WCCW(`86-`88)
Aliases - Buddy Smith, The Rebel, Dale Roberts, Dale Valentine, Buddy Jack Roberts

Professional Background (as a team) - Tri-State(`70-`73), Grand Prix [Montreal](`72,`73), Florida(`74), Los Angeles(`75), Tri-State(`76), Florida(`77), Mid-Atlantic(`77)

Peak Years`73-`76

Place in History - There have been many excellent heel tag teams that when paired with a hot manager became one of the top acts in their territory.  The Fabulous Kangaroos and Red Berry, the Interns and Dr. Ken Ramey, the Von Brauners and Saul Weingeroff, the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette and on and on.  Red Sutton was a ringboy from Minneapolis that was brought to French-speaking Quebec as the English sounding Sir Oliver Humperdink, paired with two veterans and the package was instant box office.  The two veterans were Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts who had notable runs before and after the Blonds team respectively.  Brown had been a good heel in the South for years, partnering with Dandy Jack Donovan when an injury required a replacement.  Dale Hey was a short jobber in the AWA before Bill Watts brought him in.  The two men with their bleach blond hair and natural chemistry became a reliable pair for Watts who had just taken over the booking of the Tri-State region.  They worked opposite Watts himself, Billy Red Lyons, Danny Hodge and other top faces and were key players for a few years.  They were brought into the Grand Prix promotion in Montreal when the city was on fire with promotion war, hooked up with Humperdink and as the “Poudres de Hollywood” (Hollywood Powders) became top heels.  The run established the Blonds to the extent that they were able to work several of the premier promotions for several years.  In time, Brown who was in his 40s and had some personal demons, went his own way and worked for several more years as the territories dried up.  Roberts worked as a single in San Antonio before Watts brought him back to be the ring general in the Freebirds group, which extended his career another ten good years.  While Buddy Roberts run with the Freebirds often overshadows his run as a Hollywood Blond, the time with Jerry Brown helped him go from a jobber to an excellent heel and dependable leader in the ring.  The run also gave a talented veteran like Jerry Brown that big run that established his name in the record books.