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Hulk Hogan


Real Name - Terry Bollea
Birthdate - 8/11/53
6'6" 275 lbs. - Tampa, FL

Athletic Background - Bodybuilding

Teacher(s) - Hiro Matsuda

Professional Background - SECW(`78-`79), Memphis(`79), Knoxville(`79), Georgia(`79), WWWF(`79), New Japan(`83-`85), UWA(`85), AWA(`81-`83), WWF(`84-`93), WCW(`94-`01), XWF(`01), WWE(`02-`03), New Japan, WWE, TNA

AliasesSuper Destroyer, Sterling Gold, Terry Hogan, Hulk Machine, Terry Boulder, Hulk Boulder, Hollywood Hogan

Groups - nWo (New World Order), nWo - Hollywood, nWo - Black & White, nWo Reunion, Millionaires' Club, nWo [WWF]

Peak Years - `84-`91

Finisher(s) - 
- Legdrop
- Axe Bomber

Favorites - 
- Big Boot
- Bodyslam
- Suplex
- Lariat
- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - It's tricky to say what Hulk Hogan's place in history is because so much of it is a work that the actual truth doesn't seem to matter sometimes.  He was a huge draw (but not the biggest), he was a big media star (again not the biggest) and many associate him with wrestling (but certainly not everyone), both Steve Austin and The Rock challenge him in all three of those categories and that's just in North America.  Perhaps even he buys into his own hype as the icon of wrestling.  If anything, Hogan is a product of W/WWF gimmick-driven wrestling, a mediocre in-ring talent with exceptional charisma who was pushed to the top immediately.  But regardless of all the negative aspects Hulk Hogan has been a true superstar and is deserving of legendary status.