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El Hijo del Santo

Real Name - Jorge Guzmán Rodríguez
Lifespan - 8/2/63

5'7" 185 lbs. - Mexico City, Mexico

Athletic Background - 

Teacher(s) - Rafael Salamanca, El Enfermero

Professional Background - WWA(`83-`91), UWA(`83-`92), EMLL/CMLL(`83-`92), UWF(`90-`94), AAA(`92-`95), New Japan(`94), CMLL(`95-`02), CMLL(`04), Indies(`04-)

AliasesEl Korak

Groups - n/a

Peak Years - `87-`98

Finisher(s) - 
El Caballo (Camel Clutch)
Topé de Cristo (Flying Flipping Headbutt)

Favorites - 

- Suicide Dive

- Tope into Rolling Senton

- Huracanrana

- Victory Roll

- Headstand Head Scissors

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set 10
 Science 7
 Aerial 7
 Power 8
 Strikes 8

Intangibles Rating - 

 Entertainment 8
 Selling 8
 Bumping 8
 Carrying 9
 Heat 10
 Legacy 8

Place in History - Since his debut in the 1980s, El Hijo del Santo has been a phenomenon.  While following in the footsteps of a successful father is not unusual in lucha libre, his situation was entirely different as his father was not only the most famous luchador ever, but a true cultural icon.  Perhaps only Mitsuo Momota (the son of Rikidozan) has had the kind of paternal legacy that Hijo del Santo had to overcome.  However, he became one of the greatest luchadors ever.  Like Momota, he started his career directly in the shadow of his father's death. While there have been quite a few gifted or successful second generation stars, perhaps none were better than El Hijo del Santo. Santito was a strong worker right off the bat and he was like a smaller, faster, more athletic version of his father. Amongst the best workers in the world for the bulk of his career, Hijo del Santo was the wrestler his father never was.  He was immediately over with fans because of his namesake and with his abilities, Santo quickly became the top luchador, a spot he held for most of his career.  Early in his career, Hijo del Santo crossed paths with Negro Casas, another second generation wrestler who has spent most of his career as a premier performer.  They were both rivals and partners over a fifteen year period and had a magic together that few have had in pro-wrestling.  Casas spent time as the rudo trying to unmask Hijo del Santo, but it was truly shocking when Santo turned rudo on Casas for a time in a major money-drawing feud.  Their team was successful as well trading the CMLL Tag titles with Bestia Salvaje & Scorpio Jr. and Rey Bucenero & Ultimo Guerrero.  After years of big money feuds with a variety of rudos, many of whom he claimed the masks or hair of, some successful trips to Japan and Southern California and time on top in both AAA and CMLL, Hijo del Santo is without question one of the best luchadors of his era.  As his in-ring career seemed to be coming to an end, Hijo del Santo began sullying his legacy by going after Axel, who was promoting himself as the grandson of Santo, which made him seems vindictive and overly territorial with the Santo name.  According to insiders, Hijo del Santo’s primadonna attitude was prevented him from regular work in either major lucha libre company and he was overcharging independent promoters.  Despite those harsh realities, Hijo del Santo will forever be recognized as one of the greatest luchadors of all-time.