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Real Name - Raymond Fernandez
Lifespan - 5/7/56 - 3/6/04
6'1" 270 lbs. - Tampa, FL

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - Florida(`80-`82), Mid-South, SWCW(`81), Kansas City(`81-`83), St. Louis(`82-`83), WCCW(`82-`84), Mid-Atlantic(`83-`84), Toronto(`84), Georgia(`84), Mid-South(`84-`85), Florida(`85), WWC(`85), WWF(`85-`92), Stampede(`86), WCW(`92), Indies(`92-`99), W*ing(`92), NJPW(`93-`94)

AliasesMr. Wrestling III, Assassin #2, Hercules Hernandez, Super Invader

Groups - House of Humperdink, Devastation Inc., Heenan Family

Peak Years - `84-`89

Finisher(s) - 
- Torture Rack
- Full Nelson
- Running Powerslam

Favorites -
- Short Lariat
- Press Slam
- Bearhug
- Knee Strikes
- Overhead Forearm

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Raymond Hernandez is one of the many casualities of the fast and wild life of pro-wrestling in the 1980s. He was a big man who used and abused steroids to get a look that went with some passable in-ring work to get to the big show. He developed himself throughout the South and usually under a mask. Hernandez developed into something that people would pay to see with his impressive physique and simple powerhouse style. The WWF snatched him up and made him "Hercules" for the Greek hero of superhuman strength. They played up the Hercules gimmick from time-to-time, but it never really worked. He had his chain, which became his trademark prop over his five years in the WWF. Hercules came in as the final charge of Freddie Blassie, but was soon taken over by Bobby Heenan. He was a key player and worked main event programs with Hulk Hogan before being "sold" to Ted Dibiase. After a forgettable babyface run and with his time having passed, Hercules was thrown into a forgettable tag team, Power & Glory, with Paul Roma. Herc was nearing forty and his build and abilitiy was not what it once was. He was eventually released and had stints in WCW (under a mask) and WCW as a tag team wrestler with varying success. He worked indies from time to time, but was a bloated mess like so many of his peers from that time. His death was saddening news as another man had died due to years of substance abuse encouraged by the business that made him a superstar.