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Curt Hennig (1958-2003)


Real Name - Curtis Michael Hennig
Lifespan - 3/28/58 - 2/9/03
6'3" 245 lbs. - Minneapolis, MI 

Athletic Background - Football [Junior College], Wrestling [High School] 

Teacher(s) - Larry Hennig; Verne Gagne, Buddy Rose

Professional Background - AWA(`80), WWF(`81), PNW(`82-`84), AWA(`84-`88) WWF(`88-`97), WCW(`97-`00), Indies(`00-`01), WWF(`02), NWA-TNA(`02), Indies(`02-`03)

AliasesMr. Perfect

Groups - Heenan Family, Four Horsemen, nWo [New World Order], nWo - Hollywood, West Texas Rednecks

Peak Years - `83-`91

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Finisher(s) - 
Perfectplex/Hennigplex (Fisherman Suplex) 
- Missile Dropkick

Favorites - 
Rolling Necksnap
Standing Dropkick

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 

 Bumping 10 

Place in History - Often one of the most highly regarded wrestlers to come out of the 80s, in the middle of the decade, Curt Hennig seemed to be destined for greatness. While the AWA pushed him strongly coming off his successes in the Pacific Northwest, Hennig was never really the biggest kid on the block. But the WWF saw his abilities and snatched him up as one of the best prospects around. Little did they know his days were limited. After two solid years with the company in which he established himself as amongst the best workers and carriers in the industry, Hennig proved to not have the perfect body. He made a few comebacks in `93 and then in `97 with WCW. While neither showed the same Curt Hennig, he was a slick old school worker who could make up for his lack of former skill with in-ring savvy. After his contract ran out with WCW, his career has taken a major turn. Inconsistant to say the very least, Hennig was pushed hard in several places. Hennig's latest exploits have largely hurt his legacy as one of the best of his day, but for those who can remember his efforts back then, they know why he was choosen to be "Mr. Perfect" in the first place.