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Billy Jack Haynes


Real Name - William Haynes, Jr.
Birthdate - 7/10/53
6'3" 246 lbs. - Portland, OR

Athletic Background - Boxing; Bodybuilding

Teacher(s) - Stu Hart, Dynamite Kid; Rip Oliver

Professional Background - Stampede(`82), Portland(`83-`84), Florida(`84), WWF(`85), WCCW(`85), New Japan(`85), Portland(`85-`86), Florida(`86), JCP/NWA(`86), Portland(`86), WWF(`86-`87), Indies(`87-`91), WCW(`91), Portland(`91), USWA(`95)

AliasesBilly Haynes, Billy Jack, Black Blood

Groups - The Clan, Sullivan's House of Animals

Peak Years - `84-`87

Finisher(s) - 
- Full Nelson
- La Guillotine (Flying Kneedrop)

Favorites -
- Press Slam
- Atomic Drop
- Lariat
- Dropkick
- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Pro-wrestling is filled with individuals with lifelong personal demons, bitterness that harms their legacy and amazing potential that never was lived up to. Billy Jack Haynes is perhaps one of the most notable examples. Haynes was an incredible physical specimen, an intense brawler and interview that could have been turned into a superstar. His childhood was difficult that transformed him into a violent fighter. He got involved in pro-wrestling in his late 20s, but he had the look and the ability to be a major star. Haynes modeled himself some after the popular movie character Billy Jack, notably adding his trademark hat to his look. In Portland, Haynes quickly climbed the ladder and established himself as a local hero. In the days of pro-wrestling magazines, the chiseled body and big arms of Billy Jack made him the most well-known Portland wrestler in the US. Throughout the mid-80s, Billy Jack Haynes toured around, got over and typically left on bad terms. He returned to the WWF in 1986 where he quickly jumped up to the upper midcard before leaving. Haynes departure largely ended the "top star to be" billing and he was too old and too tainted to catch another big break. Aside from promoting in his native Oregon with mixed results, a short run with an executioner gimmick in WCW, public tirades against the WWF and a heel run on top of the USWA, Billy Jack Haynes was in his forties and unable to catch that break that solidified his name in the history books. From there, Haynes became involved in organized crime and attempted suicide several times. Although he is surprisingly not a casualty of the 1980s era of pro-wrestling, Billy Jack Haynes is certainly not a success story of the time. Haynes has pulled his life together and while he will never be remembered fondly, he is a representation of the drug-induced, ego-driven meteoric rise-and-fall type of career which now characterizes pro-wrestling in the 1980s.