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Hayabusa (1968-2016)

Real Name - Eiji Ezaki

Lifespan - 11/29/1968 - 3/3/2016

6' 225 lbs. - Yatsuhiro, Kumamoto, Japan

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Tarzan Goto [FMW Dojo]; Rey Misterio Sr.

Professional Background - FMW(`91-`01), Mexico(`93-`95), New Japan(`94), US Indies(`95), Michinoku Pro(`96), All Japan(`97-`99), WMF(`02-`04)

AliasesEiji Ezaki, H, Darkside H, Darkside Hayabusa, Superstar Hayabusa

Groups - 

Peak Years - `95-`01

Finisher(s) - 

- Shooting Star Press

- Phoenix Splash

- H Thunder (Emerald Fusion)

- Firebird Press (450 Splash)

- Falcon Arrow

Favorites -

- H Edge (Rock Bottom)

- Quebrada

- Dragon Suplex

- Fisherman Buster

- Jumping Spin Front Kick

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Perhaps the best wrestler ever to limit himself almost exclusively to a “garbage” group, Hayabusa's excellence rose above even the often frowned upon death match scene. Eiji Ezaki was a little bit of everything rolled into one.  He was a gifted athlete with a willingness to wreck and mutilate his body for his craft.  Hayabusa was a mythical type character that was perfect for FMW and ideal as lucharesu was growing.  When Atsushi Onita stepped out of FMW, Hayabusa took his spot and did admirably well.  While the company's popular waned, the upper tier matches were better and he was the life force of FMW for several years. The company's direction changed, but Hayabusa remained a continuum of FMW.  Perhaps never before has such a once innovative and exciting promotion relied so much on one man just to stay afloat.  Unfortunately in 2001, a simple mistake, a foot slipping on a quebrada ended Hayabusa's career. The blow was hard and it played a major role in FMW's collapse months later.   He pursued music and has tried to keep a hand in pro-wrestling.  Although recovered from his injury, Hayabusa will never return to the ring, but continues to do publicity for Dragon Gate and appearances for other groups.