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Real Name - 

Tonga Uli'uli Fifita

Birthdate - 2/3/59

6' 297 lbs. - Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Athletic Background - 

Sumo [Makushita]

Teacher(s) - 

Giant Baba; Dory Funk Jr., Terry Funk, Don Kernodle

Professional Background - 

All Japan(`78), Amarillo(`78), Nashville(`79), Hawaii(`80), Montreal(`80-`85), WWC(`83-`84), WWF(`86-`92), SWS(`91), WAR, EMLL(`93), WCW(`94-`01), WWF(`01-`02), Indies(`02-), New Japan(`04)


Fukunoshima, Tonga Fufita, King Kong Tonga, Tonga, Tama Tonga, King Tonga, Prince Tonga, Meng, Super Zym

Groups - 

Heenan Family, Stud Stable (WCW), Dungeon of Doom

Peak Years - `83-`89

Finisher(s) - 

- Tongan Death Grip

- Superkick

- Asiatic Spike

Favorites -

- Piledriver

- Backbreaker

- Back Suplex

- Headbutt Drop

- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - 

There are many legendary tough guys in pro-wrestling's elaborate history, but one man has a certain reputation that is unique. That man is known by several names – Haku, Meng and simply Tonga to some, but he is universally considered one of the most dangerous men who ever wrestled. In the 1970s, a rugged and athletic kid from Tonga traveled to Japan to train in sumo with several of his countrymen. After a respectable career for a foreigner, he was unceremoniously forced out. Following the baiting of several sumos-turned-wrestlers, Tonga broke in the joint system of All Japan and Amarillo. He started having some undercard success, but it was in Montreal that his career took off. As the heel charge under Tarzan Tyler, Tonga was put in a top slot and showed great promise. The WWF's expansion eventually brought him in and paired him with Tama (better known as the Tonga Kid) and called “The Islanders.” While they were great athletes and respectable workers, they lacked that special something even when Bobby Heenan was made their mouthpiece. Haku lasted for several years with the company, he had a run as a “king” and paired with Andre the Giant for a time, but Haku was largely an undercarder. WCW rejuvenated him and pushed him hard as a killer based on his reputation. He was ultimately relegated to a similar slot with periodic pushes that were undermined by the perception that he was not a superstar. Meng made a surprising jump shortly before WCW was bought, returning to the WWF in a largely lateral move.  He had two sons follow him into pro-wrestling, one becoming undercarder Comacho in the WWE and one becoming Tama Tonga in New Japan.  Whether he is remembered as Tonga, Haku or Meng, the man is revered as one of the most vicious and legitimate tough guys in sport full of tough guys.