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Hard Boiled Haggerty (1925-2004)


Real NameDon Stansauk
Lifespan - 4/2/1925 - 1/27/2004
6’1” 280 lbs. - Malibu, CA

Athletic BackgroundFootball (NFL), Wrestling (University of Denver)

Teacher(s) - Danny Loos

Professional BackgroundDetroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco(`50), Ohio(`50), San Francisco(`51), San Francisco(`54), Texas(`55), Toronto(`56), Montreal(`56), Minneapolis(`58), Hawaii(`60), AWA(`60-`61), Vancouver(`62), Hawaii(`64), Los Angeles(`64), Hawaii(`65), Los Angeles(`66-`67)

AliasesDon Stansauk, Don Sparrow

Peak Years`54-`64

Place in HistoryHard Boiled Haggerty made a name for himself in the 1950s as an arrogant and burly heel who was perfect for the Golden Age of Pro-Wrestling as television took off.  Coming off a fair career in the NFL as a defensive tackle, Don Stansauk broke into the business in Detroit.  He developed as a talent around the Upper Midwest before being renamed for an Irish grappler from the 1930s.  Hard Boiled Haggerty proved to be an excellent heel who could play a mean bully, an underhanded villain or a tough braggart.  He found his greatest success working tag teams with other accomplished heels such as Gene Kiniski, The Destroyer and Kinji Shibuya.  Haggarty was a well-respected talent and by the 1960s, he was able to split time between Minneapolis, Hawaii and Los Angeles.  Haggerty’s natural presence and charisma led him to Hollywood to begin the next phase of his career.  H.B. Haggerty began appearing in the credits of movies and TV shows like Dirty Harry, Paint Your Wagon, Get Smart, Love Boat and many more.  Still a physically imposing man, Haggerty shaved his head and grew a handlebar mustache, which was became the look he is best remembered for.  While he mainly had small roles and often in B-movies, Hard Boiled Haggerty became a favorite of the Cauliflower Alley community for his success in that realm after a highly successful career in pro-wrestling.