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Los Guerreros (Mando & Hector)

Mando Guerrero

Real Name - Armando Guerrero Llanes

Birthdate - 7/7/52

5'9" 216 lbs. - Anaheim, CA

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Gory Guerrero, Gene Labell

Professional Background - Amarillo(`71-`75), Los Angeles(`77-`82), Hawaii(`78-`79), San Antonio(`78-`79), EMLL(`79), New Japan(`80), Portland(`81), San Antonio(`83), Portland(`84-`85), EMLL(`87), UWF(`87), California(`89), CMLL(`90-`91), Indies(`91-), AAA(`92-`94), WCW(`99)

Aliases - Armando Guerrero, Psicopata, Tercera Dimension

Hector Guerrero

Real Name - Héctor Manuel Guerrero Llanes

Birthdate - 10/1/54

5'10" 228 lbs. - El Paso, TX

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Gory Guerrero

Professional Background - Amarillo(`75), Los Angeles(`78-`79), Portland(`78-`79), New Japan(`79), Dallas(`79), San Antonio(`79), Memphis(`79-`80), Florida(`80), Tri-State(`80), Memphis(`81), Los Angeles(`82), All Japan(`83-`84), Florida(`83-`87), Mid-South/UWF(`84-`87), JCP/NWA(`86-`87), Memphis(`87-`88), AWA(`88-`89), WCW(`89-`90), WWF(`90), WWC(`91), SMW(`91-`92), Tijuana(`92), AAA(`94), ECW(`95), WCW(`96-`97), Indies(`97-), TNA(`07-`15)

Aliases - Lazer Tron, Gobbledy Gooker, Lassertron

Professional Background (together) - Amarillo(`75), Los Angeles(`79), California(`81), Los Angeles(`82), EMLL(`87), AWA(`88-`89), Memphis(`88), AAA(`94)

Peak Years - `79-`82

Finisher(s) - 

- German Suplex [Mando / Hector]

- Butterfly Suplex [Hector]

- Sunset Flip [Mando]

- Jalapeno Roll (Rolling Cradle) [Hector]

- Springboard Bodypress [Mando]

- DDT [Mando]

Favorites -

- Fliying Cross Chop [Both]

- Flying Head Scissors [Hector]

- Jumping Headlock Takeover [Both]

- Monkey Flip [Mando]

- Dropkick [Both / Together]

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set8/8

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Sons of lucha libre legend Gory Guerrero, Mando and Hector followed their older brother Chavo into the sport.  By the time they debuted, Gory was promoting El Paso as part of the Amarillo territory.  They broke in there and were soon going into Mexico and developing their trademark hybrid style.  Wearing bandoliers, sombreros and mustaches, the Guerreros might have dressed like banditos, however they were largely babyfaces throughout their careers.  In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Mando and Hector teamed off and on with each other and with their older brother Chavo in California and Mexico.  Chavo was the most successful and arguably the most talented, but his brothers found places.  Both Mando and Hector were exceptional workers who had all the fire and highflying moves to get over, but they looked so small and plain in the era of muscles and neon.  Through Gene Labell, Mando got into stunt work and while he continued to wrestle, he always had that parallel career going.  It led to the task of training ladies for the GLOW promotion.  He turned models, actresses and dancers into passable pro-wrestlers within the cartoonish GLOW promotion.  Hector spent his time going under the hood as the bizarre Lasertag-inspired babyface Lazer-Tron, but it was one of those flash-in-the-pan gimmicks.  He and Mando reunited in the AWA and worked regularly with Badd Company and the Rock-N-Roll RPMs, however that run is best remembered for creating a rift between Mando and Verne Gagne that nearly led to a physical altercation years later.  In the 1990s, Mando was going grey and balding, so he reinvented himself as a black masked heel - El Psicópata.  It added some time to his career and nearly a break with WCW.  Hector continued, as he always had, working everywhere, including WCW where he was able to work with their younger brother Eddy.  A decade later, after Eddy’s death, Hector joined TNA and spent time working with the LAX team and being an agent.  The Guerrero family is one of the most prolific in pro-wrestling history with three generations and dozen members making their own mark on the sport.  While their older brother Chavo and younger brother Eddy both enjoyed greater success, Mando and Hector certainly found success together and individually in the pro-wrestling world.