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Gorgeous George Jr. (1937-2012)

Real NameGeorge Richard Wagner (born “Charles Richard Phelps”)
Lifespan - 8/2/1937-5/12/2012

??? - Olivia, MN

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s)Bill Fletcher; Mike Dibiase

Professional BackgroundArizona, Montana, Kansas City, Western Canada, Toronto, Oklahoma(`66-`69), Amarillo(`70), Oklahoma(`71), GCCW(`72), GCCW(`74,`75-`76), Memphis(`77-`78), Nashville(`79-`80)

AliasesDick Marshall, Gaylord George

Peak Years`69-`75

Place in HistoryPro-wrestling has seen a great many colorful characters and it has seen a great many people make a career off the legacy of these characters.  Often times these men are very loosely tied to these characters if they are connected at all.  There was were numerous “juniors” back in the day and people like Jimmy Jack Funk and C.W. Anderson in more recent times.  Perhaps no man found greater success than Gorgeous George Jr., who toured all over North America in the 1960s and 1970s.  Like his namesake, he was a tough customer who was no stranger to streetfighting and even did some carnival wrestling and boxing.  Dick Phelps was also a natural performer and entertainer, who intertwined his music with his wrestling as often as possible.  The combination made him a natural for the sport and he toured around the Wild West of the US and Canada learning his craft.  The Gorgeous One tended to work smaller promotions, but was usually successful and well-pushed.  He wore garish outfits and had the conceit and curls of the original, but Gorgeous George Jr. was a more straightforward and less controversial heel.  Always a hustler and free spirit, George frequently had side projects going and often had fallouts with promoters.  Eventually, Gorgeous George Jr. left the business and became a truck driver, trading in his platinum blond locks for a bushy grey beard.  He was still a charismatic in his later days and will be fondly remembered by his friends and colleagues.