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Gorgeous George (1915-1963)


Real NameGeorge Raymond Wagner
Lifespan3/24/1915 - 12/16/1963 
5'9" 210 lbs. - Seward, NB 

Athletic BackgroundWrestling 

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - n/a

Peak Years - 1940s-1950s

Place in History Billed as a llicenced psychologist, George Wagner knew how to get into the psychie of the crowd. A respectable wrestler, Wagner developed the perfect heel angle. He was a prissy character and post-World War II America was too macho to tolerate it. "Gorgeous" George became the first wrestling character to become a superstar. George Wagner's mediocre body and skill drudged through the wrestling world, until he finally found his spot in the sport. Wagner put a gimmick together with comedian Bob Hope. He grew a bleech blonde mane, wore gaudy robes to the ring, and dubbed himself "Human Orchid" (amongst other nicknames). He also used managers to add to his infamy as the "houseboys" or later his wife Cheri sprayed perfume and got under the fan's skin. George also was the first to use entrance music, "Pomp and Circumstance." This slow music added to his eventful entrances as he annoyed the fans by delaying the match. Though he was not an accomplished wrestler like Frank Gotch or Ed "The Strangler" Lewis, "Gorgeous" George Wagner was a character and did as much for the entertainment side of professional wrestling as they did for the sport part. In the 1960s, "Gorgeous" George decided to put an end to his surprisingly short career. Unfortunately, Wagner was the victim of multiple divorces that took everything he had and he drank himself to death in 1963.