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The Gallaghers (Doc & Mike)

Doc Gallagher

Real Name - John Gallagher
Birthdate - ?/?/16 - 10/?/94
232 lbs. - Bayonne, NJ
Athletic background - Bodybuilding
Teachers - n/a
Professional background - Boston(`48-), Midwest(`50-) Vancouver(`51-`54), Utah(`52), Amarillo(`54), St. Louis(`54), Mid-Atlantic(`54), Hawaii(`55), Los Angeles(`55), Toronto(`55-`64), Montreal(`57)
Aliases - John Gallagher, Johnny Gallagher, Dr. Gallagher, Jack Gallagher

Mike Gallagher

Real Name - George Gallagher
Birthdate - ?/?/33- ?/?/90
234 lbs. - Bayonne, NJ
Athletic background - Football
Teachers - Doc Gallagher
Professional background - Amarillo(`55), Amarillo(`64), Carolinas(`71)
Aliases - George Gallagher

Professional Background (as a team) - Portland(`51), Vancouver(`52-`53), Canada(`56-`58), Mid-Atlantic(`57), Buffalo(`57), Minneapolis(`58), Nashville(`58), Mid-Atlantic(`58), Buffalo(`59-`60), WWWF(`59), Toronto(`60-`64), Ohio(`60-`61), Indianapolis(`64), Buffalo/Cleveland(`68-`69), Ohio(`69)

Peak Years`56-`64

Place in HistoryIf someone had never seen pro-wrestling before from any era and they needed to grasp the concept of tag team wrestling, there are few examples better than the Gallagher Brothers that one could pull up.  The two were the complete package.  They could work as as faces or as heels, they could be comedic or vicious, they could wrestle a straight match or they could do a lot of gaga, double-teaming and general entertaining.  John “Doc” Gallagher was a nationally exposed bodybuilder who enjoyed a lifelong love for fitness.  His brother George, who became Mike, was thirteen years younger and was a wanderlust anxious to join Doc on the road.  Although both men wrestled extensively around the country as singles and with other partners, it was their partnership that lasted almost two decades that made them legends.  Doc Gallagher broke in for Paul Bowser after World War II and learned the craft as he traveled across the country.  He was working the West Coast when his younger brother joined him.  The Gallaghers had a natural act with Doc playing the seasoned veteran and Mike playing the brash young upstart.  The two worked all over, but it was not until after a hiatus that they really came on strong.  Doc and Mike found a home in the Buffalo area, where Pedro Martinez’s TV gave them major exposure.  They regularly crossed over in Canada as well where Toronto’s national TV gave them exposure across that country.  They had many great rivalries including with the Brunetti Brothers, the Tolos Brothers as well as Ilio DiPaulo and a variety of partners.  The Gallaghers could get heat like few others.  As heels, they were known for their flashy entrance outfits, their rough and illegal tactics and their comedy spots.  Tag team wrestling owes a lot to them as they unquestionably influenced a number of future greats, most notably Killer Karl Kox who mastered a similar blend of violence and comedy that trickled down through Dick Murdoch, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk and so on.  Their act was good enough to get them booked at Madison Square Garden and good enough to lead them to winning belts in almost every territory they worked in.  The age difference eventually caught up with them by the middle of the 1960s as Doc began slowing down and both began trying other fields.  Both Doc and Mike were basically out of the business, by the 1970s, opening gyms and pizza franchises respectively.  Sadly, the legacy of the Gallagher Brothers has largely been lost in time, but their influence over the pro-wrestling and some of the antics were see to this day cannot be denied.