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Stan Frazier (1937-1992)


Real NameStanley Cooper Frazier
Lifespan - 8/16/37 - 7/1/92
6’10” 420 lbs. - Pascagoula, MS

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

AliasesStanley Frazier, Mississippi Plowboy, Country Boy, Ed Younger, Giant Frazier, Plowboy Frazier, Big Tex, Tex Frazier, The Convict, Congorilla, Texas Plowboy, Pascagoula Plowboy, Tiny Frazier, Tiny the Plowboy, Giant Hillbilly, Farmer Boy Frazier, Cowboy Frazier, Kimala II, A-Team #2, Playboy Frazier, Giant Rebel, Lone Ranger, Lieutenant Frazier, Uncle Elmer, Hillbilly Elmer

Peak Years`68-`71

Place in HistoryStan Frazier has been lauded by some as having worked under more names and gimmicks than any other pro-wrestler.  While it is true that he took on more than a dozen different names over his twenty year career, he is best known for two distinct characters.  The first was that of a huge masked prisoner, complete in a black-and-white striped suit and hood.  The Convict was a hit in the Los Angeles territory as well as Japan.  He became a cult favorite in the magazines, but the character only lasted a couple years.  The second, and most widely known, persona of Stan Frazier was that of a giant hillbilly.  He even went under the name “Giant Hillbilly” at one point, but despite name differences, his core persona was that of a hayseed who happened to be gigantic.  It allowed for two possibilities.  He could serve as the great equalizer for the good guys or he could be a simpleton to be taken advantage of by the bad guys.  Frazier filled both roles over the years.  While he did work in Florida, Georgia and the Pacific Northwest, he tended to stay close to home, working in Tennessee and Mississippi.  When Jerry Lawler was booking Memphis, he loved to use Frazier in ridiculous gimmicks including a white Kamala, as the Lone Ranger (after being defeated in a loser-leaves-town match) and as a ladies’ man called Playboy Frazier.  Despite his limitations in the ring, Stan Frazier’s size and personality were enough to get over whatever silly storyline he was booked into.  The WWF brought him in during their national expansion as part of their growing Hillbillies group.  He became Uncle Elmer and the company pushed him, but he was nearing fifty and the road schedule was too much.  Aside from a memorable wedding segment (which was legitimate), Uncle Elmer’s tenure in the WWF was hardly noteworthy.  Frazier finished up his career working for the Tennessee office before the decade’s end.  As outrageous as some of his in-ring personas were, Stan Frazier was well remembered by colleagues for the colorful individual he was in real life.  The affable big man who tried to sell cheap watches and perfume in the locker room while calling everyone “neighbor” was the sort of old-school carny character that the sport has always had around.