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Mick Foley


Real Name - Michael Francis Foley
6'4" 277 lbs. - Long Island, NY

Athletic Background - Lacrosse, Wrestling (High School) 

Teacher(s) - Dominic Denucci 

Professional Background - Memphis, USWA, WCCW, UWF, Tri-State(`91), GWF(`91), WCW(`91-`94), ECW(`94-`96), WWS(`94), NWA(`94), SMW(`94), IWA(`95), WWF(`96-`01), WWE(`03-`08), Indies(`03-`05), ROH(`03-`05), TNA(`08-`11), WWE(`11-)

AliasesJack Foley, Super Zodiak II, Cactus Jack, Cactus Jack Foley, Cactus Jack Manson, Mankind, Dude Love

Groups - Cartel, Destruction Inc., Sullivan's Slaughterhouse/House of Animals, Corporation, Union 

Peak Years - `94-`00

Finisher(s) - 
Mandible Claw
Double-Arm DDT

Favorites - 
Elbowdrop off apron
Cactus Clothesline
Knee in corner
Falling Lariat

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 

 Entertainment 10 
 Selling 10 
 Bumping 10 

Place in History - Mick Foley is pretty much the "God of Hardcore Wrestling" in America. He was a cult favorite long before he got a regular slot with WCW and once he was in things bloomed. The wild brawler had a nack for carrying opponents through big (often sick) bumps. Once Cactus Jack got into the Japanese Death Match scene he became "The American Onita" and gained much fame there. After winning the famed (though poor) KOTDM tournament in `95, Jack seemed ready for the big time. In the WWF, he became Mankind and continued his cult following while having some damn good matches along the way. Finally he brought the characters of his youth (Dude Love) and earlier years (Cactus Jack). He became a lovable, big-bumping babyface and after two world title runs, Mick Foley decided to step aside...for the most part.  Since his retirement, Foley has had handful of returns be it single matches, short runs or mini-feuds.  He is still a good performer, so why not?  From gimmick matches in the WWE to announcing gigs and even a run with TNA World title, Mick Foley still enjoys performing and the people still come out to see him.  One of pro-wrestling's greatest personalities, most loved characters, craziest bumpers and so on, Mick Foley is a legendary wrestler in many ways.