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Ric Flair


Real Name
 - Richard Morgan Fliehr 
Lifespan - 2/25/50
6' 225 lbs. - Charlotte, NC

Athletic Background - Football, Wrestling (University of Minnesota), Track & Field (High School), Powerlifting

Teacher(s) - Verne Gagne, Wahoo McDaniel, Billy Robinson (`72 Camp)

Professional Background - AWA, Mid-Atlantic, Knoxville[Crockett](`82), JCP/NWA, WCW(`90-`91), WWF(`91-`93), WCW(`93-`01), WWF/WWE(`01-)

Aliases - none

GroupsFour Horsemen, Millionares' Club, Magnificent Seven, Evolution

Peak Years - `77-`89

- Figure-Four Leglock

- Vertical Suplex
- Kneebreaker
- Back Suplex
- Kneedrop 
- Chop

Ringwork Rating

 Technique 10
 Science 8
 Aerial 4
 Strikes 10 

Intangibles Rating

 Entertainment 10
 Selling 10 
 Bumping 10 
 Carrying 10 
 Heat 10 
 Legacy 9

Place in History - Ric Flair is held up by many as the greatest pro-wrestler of all-time.  He was, in many ways, a complete package.  A dynamic personality with good in-ring talent and the ability to work with anyone.  His critics have knocked his formulaic style, goofy antics and unwillingness to get out of the ring, but Flair has been able to reach an echelon in the business that few have. "His match" worked for years as he toured the globe as NWA Champion and worked with all the local babyfaces.  His over-the-top persona complete with his bleach blond hair, sequined robes, strutting and trademark "woo" made him one of pro-wrestling's most lasting characters.  That allowed him to continue strong for another two decades after retirement was first almost forced upon him.  Ric Flair is one of those few in a million that can and will do anything to get to the top of their profession and only he can dictate when it's over.