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Pampero Firpo

Real NameJuan Kachmanian

??? - San Jose, CA

Athletic BackgroundBoxing, Wrestling, Track & Field

Professional background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Rudy Dusek

AliasesErvan the Armenian, Ivan the Terrible, The Missing Link, The Great Pampero

Peak Years`68-`74

Place in HistoryPampero Firpo is one of the most unforgettable characters of his era, a wild caveman-looking heel whose legacy is overlooked.  Juan Kachmanian, an Argentine of Armenian descent, was a solid athlete as a youth.  Stocky and strong with dark features, Kachmanian would play a host of foreign heels in the fifties and sixties.  He played a Russian for several years before adopting the Pampero Firpo persona.  He adopted the Firpo name from the famed Argentine boxer Luis Angel Firpo and even used the same nickname, “the Wild Bull of the Pampas.”  He headed into the Northeast and was working main events after only a few years in the sport.  During that era, Pampero Firpo was more of an attraction with his bizarre look and rough style.  Firpo bounced between the coasts throughout the sixties before heading to Hawaii.  Here, he was rechristened “The Missing Link” and he became one of the all-time legends on the island.  Johnny Barend and Ripper Collins brought him as their monster, but he would turn on them and become an unlikely babyface.  The territory was known for having the best promo men in the sport and that run undoubtedly influenced Pampero Firpo.  The man became known as a distinct interview with his thick accent, guttural voice, over-pronunciations and trademark “oh yes!”  Many credit him for influencing a teenage Randy Savage who adopted a similar catchphrase.  It was this complete package that got over big in the Midwest and the West Coast in the 1970s.  Much like the pro-wrestling of today, Pampero Firpo knew how to entertain, connect and get over with the fans.  His clawhold was not merely a clawhold, it was the dreaded “El Gorfio.”  He did just cut promos, he introduced props like metal bars to bend and his shrunken head Chimu.  Some are dismissive of him being just a gimmick wrestler, but Pampero Firpo got over as a top star in numerous regions.  As the territorial system dried up, he worked less, but worked well into his fifties.  After retiring in 1986, he worked for the US Postal Service in San Jose and even cut off his legendary beard and frizzy mane.  Pampero Firpo is one of the great characters of the 1960s and 1970s.