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The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn & Stan Lane)

Steve Keirn
Real Name - Stephen Paul Keirn
Birthdate - 9/10/51
6' 215 lbs. - Tampa, FL
Athletic Background - n/a
Teacher(s) -
Eddie Graham, Hiro Matsuda, Dory Funk Jr., Terry Funk, Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco
Professional Background -
Florida(`72), Gulf Coast(`73), Knoxville(`74), Mid-Atlantic(`75), Florida(`76-`79), Los Angeles(`79), Georgia(`80-`81), Florida(`81), Memphis(`81-`85), Florida(`87-`89), WWF(`93-`94), WCW(`94), Indies(`94-), WWE(`04-)
Aliases -
Skinner, Doink (II), The Evil Clown

Stan Lane
Real Name - Wallace Stansfield Lane
Birthdate - 8/5/53
6' 225 lbs. - Myrtle Beach, SC
Athletic Background - Karate
Teacher(s) - Ric Flair
Professional Background - Mid-Atlantic(`78), Amarillo(`79), Mid-South(`79), Florida(`79), Georgia(`80), Alabama(`80), Memphis(`82-`84), SWCW(`84), AWA(`84-`85), Memphis(`85), Mid-South(`86), Florida; USWA(`91), SMW(`91-`93), WWF(`94-`96), Indies(`96-`05)
Aliases - Mike Malibu, Breck Lane, Stanley Lane, Nature Boy Lane, Stan Flair 

Professional Background (together) - Memphis(`82-`85), AWA, SCW(`84), Florida(`86), USWA(`91)

Peak Years - `83-`86

Finisher(s) - 

- Double DDT

- German Suplex (Keirn)

- Reverse DDT (Keirn)

- Superkick (Lane)

Favorites -

- Flying Forearm (Keirn)

- Sunset Flip (Both)

- High Cross Body (Lane)

- Dropkick (Both)

- Punch (Both)

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set7/6

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - While some people might not know it, the Fabulous Ones were the heartthrob tag team that teams like the Rock-N-Roll Express, (Midnight) Rockers and the Fantastics were modeled after. Though they certainly don't look like those teams with what one might consider a rougher look, they clicked well with the Memphis crowd in the early 80s in a big way. Managed by, oddly enough, Jim Cornette, the Fabs were Southern Tag champions over a dozen times and feuded with all the heel teams: the Interns, the Moondogs, Bobby Eaton & Duke Myers and especially the Sheepherders. In the early 1980s, they were an exciting young team with a high-speed offense and simple psychology that the Memphis fans enjoyed. After they sort of settled in their role, the Fabs were surpassed by the aforementioned "copycat" teams who were dazzling fans in Mid-South, the Carolinas and the AWA. Out of the four teams the Fabulous Ones would be hard-pressed to have had the amazing popularity of the RNRs, the national appeal of the Rockers or the working ability of the Fantastics, but they certainly were the innovators and that means something.  Stan Lane went on to be in second incarnations of both the Midnight Express in WCW and the Heavenly Bodies in Smoky Mountain and did well in both. Steve Keirn was a top flight junior in the late 1970s and worked as a tag team wrestler in Florida for years before the Fabs were formed. After their split, he had forgettable runs in the WWF that have made newer fans not realize his once great ability. He retired and concentrated on training wrestlers. In 2004, the WWE brought him on board as a road agent and trainer of young talent. The WWE retooled their developmental system in recent years and Keirn was made the president of NXT.