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Eric Embry

Real Name - Douglas Eric Embry
Birthdate - ?/?/59
5’10” 230 lbs. - Phoenix, AZ

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Lou Thesz

Professional Background - Kansas City(`78), Nashville(`78-`79), Vancouver(`79), Stampede(`79), Portland(`80), Tri-State(`81), Florida(`81-`82), UWA[Mexico](`81), Memphis(`82), SECW(`82), SWCW(`83-`84), WWC(`85-`86), WCCW(`87-`89), Memphis(`88), USWA(`88-`91), WWC(`90), All Japan(`90), Indies(`91), USWA(`92)

AliasesDoug Embry, Don Fulton, Don Gagne, Mr. Wrestling, Don Starr

Groups - Boyd's Commonwealth Army

Peak Years - `83-`90

Finisher(s) - 
- Piledriver
- Neckbreaker
- Fisherman Suplex

Favorites -
- Bodyslam
- Jumping Back Elbow
- Headlock Punch
- Enzugiri
- Measured Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - From a skinny babyface in his early days to a portly heel in his later days, Eric Embry’s rollercoaster career was one of overachieving and keeping it, as he often said in his promos, “real simple, man.”  He spent a few years bouncing around smaller territories, cutting his teeth in the undercards.  Embry was a careful observer who picked up booking ideas along the way and through traveling all over North America understood getting over.  Undersized and limited athletically, Eric Embry was never going to become more than a babyface whipping boy to midcard and top-level heels.  In Texas, he formed the Fabulous Blonds with Ken Timbs, which pushed him to the next level.  Embry was able to distinguish himself as a solid bleach blond heel who could work, would willingly bleed and could cut a decent promo.  In Puerto Rico, he progressed further and established himself there to the extent he would regularly return.  Eric Embry’s greatest accomplishments were back in World Class, where the “Flamboyant One” became one of the premier babyfaces and booked the company in its dying days.  His promos full of fire, Southern colloquialisms and his trademark pointing and ranting delivery made him stand out and undoubtedly influenced some of the youngsters in the territory.  Following that run, Embry found success in Memphis, doing some hot angles with Jerry Lawler, the Dirty White Boy and others.  Unfortunately, a car accident ended his career and Eric Embry became a recluse.  As a result, he has been forgotten and his accomplishments and influence downplayed over time.  Eric Embry should probably be remembered as someone who whether he was undersized or overweight was able to get over and stay over as both a heel and babyface, a testament to his true talents.