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Real Name - Adam Copeland 
Birthdate - 10/30/73 
6'4" 240 lbs. - Tampa, FL

Athletic Background - Hockey

Teacher(s) - Ron Hutchinson, Sweet Daddy Siki; Bret Hart, Stu Hart, Leo Burke; Dory Funk Jr., Tom Pritchard

Professional Background - Indies(`92-`97), WWF/WWE(`97-)

AliasesAdam Copeland, Adam Impact, Damon Striker, Sexton Hardcastle

Groups - Thug Life, The Brood, Ministry of Darkness, La Familia

Peak Years - `04-`08

Finisher(s) - 
Edgecution/Impaler (Implant DDT) 
Edge-O-Matic (Inverted Falling Faceslam) 
Figure Four-Edgelock (Standing Figure-Four) 
Downward Spiral (Inverted Leg Sweep)

Favorites - 
- Electric Chair Drop 
- Spin Wheel Kick 
- Sleeper 
- Standing Dropkick 
- Elbow

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The smash-mouth style popularized during the WWF's Attitude Era has seen its causalities.  In 2011, Edge, who was not yet forty, was forced to retire due to paralysis-threatening.  It was a sad turn of events, especially after Edge has become such a consistently excellent commodity for the company.  Adam Copeland had broken into the business in the mid-1990s and toiled on the Canadian indies for a while and struggled to catch on before the WWF brought him in a Matrix/Crow-influenced role as "Edge."  While his persona was never developed, he was impressive enough to move up the card quickly. He and Christian were excellent young talents and Edge was given the top spot. His in-ring improved as he was paired with some of the best workers in the world and he became one of the company's premier talents.  Although injuries and personal problems could've prevented him from reaching that upper echelon, he came back to the WWE in 2004 and would hit that career peak.  Drawing legitimate heat after a scandal involving real-life couple Matt Hardy and Lita, Edge became the controversial "Rated R Superstar."  He was an excellent heel and over the next few years became arguably the best performer in the WWE.  Injuries caught up with him and his sudden retirement left a vacancy on the roster that the WWE has not quite filled.