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Eddy Guerrero (1967-2005)


Real Name - Eduardo Gori Guerrero Llanes
Lifespan - 10/9/67 - 11/13/05
5'8" 221 lbs. - Tampa, FL

Athletic Background - Wrestling

Teacher(s) - Gory Guerrero

Professional Background - CMLL(`92-`93), AAA(`93-`95), NJPW(`93-`98), ECW(`94-`95), WCW(`95-`99), WWF(`00-`01), Indies(`01-`02), WWA(`02), NJPW(`02), ROH(`02), WWF/WWE(`02-`05)

AliasesMascara Magica, Black Tiger (II), El Caliente

Groups - Los Gringos Locos, Latino World Order (lWo), Filthy Animals, Radicalz

Peak Years - `98-`05

Finisher(s) - 
- Frog Splash
- Three Amigos (Rolling Suplexes)
- Lasso from El Paso
- Splash Mountain (Super BT Bomb)
- Black Tiger Bomb (Seated Crucifix Powerbomb)

Favorites - 
- Brainbuster
- Hilo (Slingshot Somersault Splash)
- Gory Special
- Dropping Back Suplex
- European Uppercutt

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set10 

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Eddy Guerrero was born into one of the great pro-wrestling families and was a great worker in his early 20s. His father, Gory, was one of the best workers in Lucha Libre's peak years and the children took after him. Mando was fiery babyface, Chavo was a well-traveled junior heavyweight and Hector was very good but never got a shot. Eddy had some chances in the Southwest and Mexico before hitting it huge. Art Barr was a small, but gifted worker who formed an alliance with Guerrero and the two of them became the premier rudo team in AAA as "La Pareja del Terror." They feuded with El Hijo Del Santo & Octagon and became major players that attracted attention from everywhere. Barr's tragic death left Guerrero without a colorful counterpart to his more mild-mannered style. He had a run in ECW where he battled Dean Malenko and earned a contract in WCW. Guerrero's run in WCW was a roller-coaster ride, he was major player in the cruiserweight division and had runs in the heavyweight ranks as a white-meat babyface and a sleazy heel. The latter role began to really show a new side to his abilities. After jumping to the WWF, Eddy Guerrero quickly established himself as a key player in the tail-end of WWF's peak years. Throughout all of these triumphs, Guerrero was struggling with personal problems behind the scenes. These troubles have been revealed candidly in the documentary Cheating Death, Stealing Life as well as his posthomously released autobiography. After being fired because of these problems, Guerrero spent five months working on the indies and in Europe and Japan, where he impressed. The WWF brought him back and he re-established himself as one the greatest workers and entertainers in the world. He established his "Lie, Cheat and Steal" character and became a legitimate draw for the WWE when they were struggling. He and nephew Chavo Guerrero became a premier tag team and eventually Chavo and Chavo Sr. turned on Eddy. The momentum built and built, peaking when Eddy defeated Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship. The stress of being the champion led to a short reign and he spent time teaming and feuding with Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and Batista in the final programs of his career. His sudden death led to a media frenzy and encouraged the WWE to take up a drug policy and hopefully his death will help change some of the negative aspects of the company. Eddy Guerrero is one of the many casualties of pro-wrestling who had many peaks and valleys in hardly over a decade in the company.