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Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)

Bubba Ray Dudley
Real Name - Mark Lamonica
6'3" 280 lbs. - Orlando, FL
Athletic Background - n/a
Teacher(s) - Sonny Blaze
Professional Background -
Aliases - The Terminator, Mongo Vyle, Mongo, Buh-Buh Ray Dudley, Bubba Dudley, BRD, Brother Ray Deadly, Brother Ray, Bully Ray

D-Von Dudley
Real Name - Devon Hughes

Birthdate - 8/1/72

6'2" 270 lbs. - Melbourne, FL

Athletic Background - n/a
Teacher(s) - Johnny Rodz
Professional Background -
Aliases - Devon Hughes, D-Von Dudley, Reverend D-Von, Brother Devon Deadly, D-Von

Professional Background (together) - ECW(`97-`99), WWF/WWE(`99-`05), OVW(`05), TNA(`05-), All Japan(`05), HUSTLE(`06), WWC(`08), New Japan(`08,`09)

Groups - The Dudleys, The Alliance, Aces & Eights

Peak Years
 - `97-`06

Finisher(s) - 

- 3-D/Dudley Death Drop

- Back Suplex/Neckbreaker Combo

- Bubba Bomb (Full Nelson Atomic Drop) (Bubba)

- Doomsday Device

- Reverse Implant DDT (D-Von)

- D-Von Drop (Ropehang Neckbreaker) (D-Von)

- Wazzup (Flying Low Headbutt)

Favorites -

- Powerbomb (Bubba)

- Double Chokeslam

- Shoulder Tackle (D-Von)

- Sidewalk Slam / Legdrop Combo

- Jumping Back Elbow (D-Von)

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set5/5

Intangibles Rating - 

 Heat 7
 Legacy 7

Place in History - Tag team wrestling has been a fixture for decades and many legendary pairs have come and gone.  In the past twenty five years, tag team wrestling has waned in its prominence, but it manages to stay around and on a few occasions a tag team act or program is pushed.  In ECW, the Dudley Boyz emerged from a comedy act to become the hottest heels in the company who feuded with top babyfaces.  The group took elements from the Hanson brothers of Slapshot fame as an odd grouping of brothers in their trademark tie-dye, overalls and taped glasses.  After a couple months, the group introduced Buh-Buh Ray, a big hillbilly with a stutter.  Members came and went with D-Von appearing as an antagonist to the family. By 1997, all but one turned heel.  The Dudley Boyz became fantastic heels who blended genuine heat-drawing tactics with comedy. Whether it was Buh-Buh’s microphone tirades and personal announcer Joel Gertner’s over-the-top introductions or their violent attacks on anyone and everyone and goofy selling, the Dudleys were a unique fixture in ECW.  They eventually took their act to the WWF and  retooled it by putting on camouflage, making table-breaking a staple and they feuded with established tag teams such as the Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian and the APA.  The team was one of the notable splits with the brand extension, but neither succeeded alone at that time.  They teamed again, but left the WWE for other opportunities.  Team 3-D worked Japan, worked indies and worked TNA, finding great changes in the latter.  The pair worked as heels, they worked as faces, they split up and they reunited.  Although many stars from the WWE have gone to TNA and had lackluster runs, these two transformed themselves and have had some of the best years of their careers.  Bully Ray became a top heel and arguably the best performer in TNA over the past few years.  D-Von got into great shape, has worked hard and has had a few good midcard angles.  Ultimately, the two were brought back together in the Aces & Eights stable.