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Shane Douglas

Real Name - Troy Allan Martin

Birthdate - 11/21/64

6' 235 lbs. - Pittsburgh, PA

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Dominic Denucci

Professional Background - Indies(`82-`90), UWF(`87), Alabama(`88), WWF(`90-`91), WCW(`92-`93), ECW(`93-`95), WWF(`95), ECW(`96-`98), WCW(`98-`99), WCW(`99-`01), XPW(`01-`03), TNA(`03-`07,`09), Indies(`09-)

AliasesTroy Martin, Troy Orndorff, Dean Douglas

Groups - Triple Threat, Revolution, New Church, The Franchise

Peak Years - `93-`98

Finisher(s) - 

- Belly-to-Belly

- The Franchiser (Reverse Stunner)

- Pittsburgh Plunge (Fisherman Buster)

- Final Exam (Fisherman Suplex)

Favorites -

- Vertical Suplex

- Piledriver

- Inverted Atomic Drop

- Reverse Rolling Necksnap

- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set 7
 Science 3
 Aerial 2
 Power 6
 Strikes 5

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Troy Martin grew up loving pro-wrestling and dedicated himself to it at a young age. From backyard wrestling to working his way up on the indies during wrestling's 80s heyday, Shane Douglas was a good-looking kid with a world of potential for the better part of a decade. When wrestling in the US hit the skids, Douglas was just breaking through. Thankfully, he had a good education to fall back on through those lean times. He'd had to leave the WWF because of his father's fading health, he left WCW because the politics drove him crazy and in 1993 he settled in Eastern Championship Wrestling. Douglas was peaking as a performer and he was the credible singles star with a grudge against WCW, who double-crossed the NWA and proclaimed ECW to be "Extreme." He became the company's golden boy, even as a heel, but was tempted away by the WWF soon after. He returned and helped take ECW to the next level in `97 when they began doing pay-per-views and was even dubbed "The Franchise." Injuries began racking up as Douglas had almost two decades of pro-wrestling behind him. He abandoned ECW again, this time to get a chance in WCW. Things were working out in many ways, but the glass ceiling was too much, so he left, but he was forced to swallow his pride and return. After WCW's demise, WWF wanted no part of him, but he found a home for a time as the booker and top star in XPW. After their death, he journeyed to NWA-TNA, where he's made the transition into interviewing and hyping the product, which suited him just fine.  Douglas continues to hang on and while he admits his limitations in the ring, he can still cut promos and will be one of the undying flag-bearers of the ECW legacy.  To this day, Shane Douglas is one of the controversial people in pro-wrestling whose abilities and confidence in his abilities seemed to rub many the wrong way and limited his potential on the larger stage where he was unable to succeed in the politic shark tanks of the WWF and WCW.