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Dory Funk, Jr.


Real Name
 - Dorrance Ernest Funk Jr.
Birthdate - 2/3/41
6'2" 240 lbs. - Ocala, FL

Athletic Background - Football (West Texas State), Wrestling, Basketball (High School)

Teacher(s) - Dory Funk Sr.

Professional Background - Texas(`63-), NWA(`69-`73), JWA(`69), All Japan, Florida, Mid-Atlantic, WWC, SWCW(`80-`81), WWF(`86), SMW(`94), ECW, Indies

Aliases - Panhandler, Red Raider, Masked Outlaw, Hoss Funk

GroupsPaul Jones' Army, Hart Family

Peak Years - `63 -`75

Spinning Toehold
Butterfly Suplex

- Back Suplex 
- Side Russian Leg Sweep 
- Abdominal Stretch 
- Front Dropkick 
- European Uppercutt

Ringwork Rating


Intangibles Rating


Place in History - Dory Funk Jr. may be the best of the Funk family and was definitely a great NWA World Champion. After growing up in Texas, where he cut his teeth, Dory had a four year run as champ. Funk set a new trend in which the champion made his challengers look like they could beat him, the NWA Champion, but he would always win in the end. While some might argue this hurt the championship, it was a style that largely revitalized when Ric Flair held the title a generation later. Funk's ability to carry anyone by bumping around and taking a beating while keeping his credibility was tricky and something few champions have been able to emulate. When up-and-comer Jack Brisco arrived on the scene, Dory was able to make Brisco look even better than the former NCAA Champion was, leading to perhaps wrestling's greatest rivalry on the mat. In addition to being arguably the top wrestler in the world, Dory became a mainstream star and an excellent spokesperson for the sport. Funk became the first NWA Champion to not be forced out the spot due to travel demands, a true testament to his mental and physical toughness. When he did step aside, Dory remained a fixature, still challenging for the title and competing all over. He became a top notch heel along his wild brother Terry, the feuding with the Briscos (Jack & Jerry) in perhaps the best tag team program at that point in time. Dory became one of a few former World champions to began training people, some of whom are the best stars this sport has ever seen. Jumbo Tsuruta is perhaps the first that comes to mind, but many of the WWF's stars who entered the company in the late 90s were Funkin' Dojo members. Only he could have trained Jumbo Tsuruta and Kurt Angle alike. Funk continues to plug away with new recruits and BANG TV, which features his students and himself as they wrestle all over North America and Japan.