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The Destroyer


Real Name
 - Richard "Dick" Beyer
Birthdate - n/a
5'10" 265 lbs. - Syracuse, NY

Athletic Background - Greco-Roman Wrestling, Football (Syracuse)

Teacher(s) - Dick Hutton, Ray Stevens, Bill Miller

Professional Background - Buffalo(`54-`58), Tennesee(`58), Buffalo(`58-`61), Hawaii(`62), WWA(`62-`63), JWA(`63), San Francisco[AWA](`63-`65) PNW(`63-`64), WWA(`64-`65), Houston(`65), AWA(`67-`70), All Japan(`71-`78), San Francisco[NWA](`74), San Francisco[NWA](`76) Canada(`79)

Aliases - Dick Beyer, The Red Devil, Bruce Marshal, Mr. X, Dr. X


Peak Years - `62 -`78


Figure-Four Leglock

- Flying Kneedrop 
- Swinging Neckbreaker 
- Airplane Spin 
- Driving Kneedrop 
- Dropkick

Ringwork Rating


Intangibles Rating


Place in History - Dick Beyer was just another strong amateur turned pro before he dawned the mask and made a career for himself. As the Sensational, Intelligent Destroyer, this exceptional worker was able to carve a niche for himself almost immediately. His biggest success came on the West Coast then in the AWA and lastly and arguably most importantly in Japan. He saw some minor successes before going to Los Angeles and being given The Destroyer gimmick and adapting his trademark hood. He saw immediate success as a heel and while he remained a heel for the most part the rest of his career, he was often a "tweener" of sorts. He adhered to the tradition of keeping his identity hidden and went to sometimes ridiculous lengths including showering with his mask and wearing it frequently in public. In the AWA, as Dr. X, he was one of the group's top heels and enjoyed great success on top. It was in Japan though where his involvement in puroresu's early days that made him an icon over there. Like Lou Thesz and Karl Gotch, The Destroyer was just in the right place at the right time and the fans still treat him like a king. While his involvement with Rikidozan was a big part in that, it was his excellent program with Mil Mascaras that truly showed off his great talents as a worker. Wrestling into the 80s, The Destroyer may have never made an impact in the major federations in modern times, but he is remembered. The greatest American-born masked man and one of the top workers of his day, Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer is one of the great figures that only pro-wrestling could create.