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Dave Taylor

Real Name - David Taylor

Birthdate - 5/1/57

6'3" 256 lbs. - Yorkshire, England

Athletic Background - Wrestling

Teacher(s) - Eric Taylor, Jack Taylor

Professional Background - England(`75-`81), New Japan(`77), CWA(`78), All-Star[UK](`81-`96), Stampede(`82), New Japan(`85), CWA(`87-`95), Reslo(`95), WCW(`96-`00), HWA(`01), TNA(`04), EWP(`04-`05), DSW(`06-), WWE(`06-`08)

AliasesRocky Taylor, David Taylor

Groups - Blue Bloods

Peak Years - `87-`97

Finisher(s) - 

- British-Plex (Floatover Butterfly Suplex)

- Crumpet (Cradling Fallaway Slam)

Favorites -

- Press Slam into Gutbuster

- Inverted Atomic Drop

- Lariat

- European Uppercutt

- Overhead Forearm to chest

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set7

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Dave Taylor is the ideal case of a pro-wrestler in between two generations who could have been a bigger star had he come along earlier or earned some more money had he come along later.  Taylor spent the early years of his career learning his craft from his father and grandfather while British wrestling was a hot commodity on TV.  He was one of the first notable third generation wrestlers and made his start while still a teeanger.  His frame was such that once he put on some weight, Taylor was able to tour internationally.  In addition to working around England with Brian Dixon’s All-Star Wrestling, Dave Taylor headed to Germany, Japan and other countries.  By the time “World of Sport” wrestling was over, Dave Taylor had emerged as the premier heavyweight in the UK.  Taylor was able to do it all in the ring and became one of the top workers in Europe who was largely unknown in North America until he signed with WCW in 1996.  He joined Lord Steven Regal and Earle Robert Eaton (Bobby Eaton) in a trio known as the Blue Bloods. Eventually, Eaton left and Taylor, at around forty, began partnering with Regal, who was one of the company's best, but most notorious drug-users.  This factor led to Regal's firing and Taylor left with him. By this time, Taylor had built a reputation for himself as a trainer. Over the next few years, Dave Taylor became affiliated with training talent for two WWF/WWE developmental territories and his own "Blue Bloods Wrestling Camp" based out of Atlanta. Taylor's reputation and the success of his long-time friends Regal and Fit Finlay in WWE helped him get a spot on their active roster making him amongst the oldest.  Age aside, Dave Taylor was still a consistent and capable talent in the ring.  While the WWE might have released him, he has continued to training and wrestling on occasion.