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Steve "Crusher" Casey (1909-1987)

Real NameStephen Casey
Lifespan - 12/4/1909 - 1/10/1987
6'4" 226 lbs. - Kerry, Ireland

Athletic BackgroundBoxing [Professional], Wrestling [British Nat'l Team], Rowing

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - n/a

Aliases - none

Peak Years1938-1944

Place in HistorySteve Casey was born in Ireland to accomplished athletes who had both ventured to America during the immigration boom of the late 1800s. His father was a bare-knuckle boxer who’d sparred with Farmer Burns and boxer John L. Sullivan and his mother was champion rower. Steve, along with his six brothers, became successful in both boxing and rowing, among other sports. They became known as the “Toughest Family on Earth.” Steve was a large man with great strength and he picked up wrestling as naturally as anything else he tried. In Paul Bowser’s Boston, this Irishman was instant money like Danno O’Mahoney before him. “Crusher” Casey quickly climbed the ranks with his signature “Killarney Flip” thrilling fans.  In 1938, he won a version of the World title from a young Lou Thesz and over the next ten years he was recognized a World Champion. Through his career, Casey battled all the top names across the country from “Strangler” Lewis to Bronko Nagurski. Casey was never quite happy in the States during his heyday and often longed to return to his home country as his parents had. After his success in the Northeast, Casey relocated to San Francisco and was a top star out there as well. He retired back to the Boston area and had a club for many years. In the late 60s, he was left for dead by three armed robbers, but Casey managed to hang for another twenty years. Steve Casey is still a legendary athletic figure in Ireland, but is his accomplishments as pro-wrestler and ethnic drawing card made him a cut above his brothers.