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The Corsicans

Corsica Joe
Real NameFrancois Miquet
6'3" 260 lbs. - Nashville, TN
Lifespan - 1/17/1920 - 3/14/2010
Athletic Background - Wrestling, Boxing
Teacher(s) - n/a
Professional Background - Northeast(`48), Calgary(`48-`49), Minneapolis(`49), Columbus, Houston(`59), St. Louis, Nashville(`66-`67)
Aliases - Francois Miquet

Corsica Jean
Real Name - Jean-Louis Roy
??? - Montreal, QUE
Birthdate - ?/?/22 - 3/28/92
Athletic Background - n/a
Teacher(s) - n/a
Professional Background - n/a
Aliases - Jean-Louis Roy

Professional Background (together) - Florida(`57), Nashville(`57-`58), Houston(`59), GCCW(`59-`60), Georgia(`60), Nashville(`60), Nashville(`64), GCCW(`64), Georgia(`65), Florida(`65), 

Peak Years - `57-`64

Place in History - Wrestling pirates seems like a laughable gimmick, but it's all about the presentation.  For a near ten-year stretch, the Corsicans took that gimmick and found success throughout the Southeast.  Joe had a solid amateur background and was the younger brother of British star Felix Miquet.  He emigrated to North America from France, where he first met Jean in Montreal.  Oddly enough, the two would not begin teaming for another ten years.  Miquet and Roy both became solid hands, but it was not until they adopted the personality of French-speaking pirates that they began getting noticed.  Complete with durags and earrings, the two were excellent heels in the ring and became hot acts to feud with the Fargos and the Fields among others.  After their run together, both men stayed involved in the business, but largely slowed down before retiring in the early 1970s.  Jean promoted, refereed and ran a small restaurant until being tragically murdered in an apparent robbery in 1992.  Joe settled in Nashville, where he continued to work for the office there and was married to lady wrestler Sara Lee.  The couple became fixtures at the Nashville Fairgrounds up into the NWA-TNA years.  Corsica Joe, while in his 80s, briefly worked in match to become (at the time), the oldest person to wrestle in a match before passing away in 2010.  Although the tiny French Mediterranean island of Corsica may not be widely known, it became well-known in the South as the homeland of two rough and tumble pirates - Joe and Jean.