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Los Comancheros (Ron Dupree & Chris Colt)

Ron Dupree

Real Name - Russell Grobes

Lifespan - ?? - 10/17/75

5'9" 260 lbs. - HOT

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

Aliases - Russ Grobes, Golden Boy Dupree,

Chris Colt

Real Name - Charles “Chuck” Harris

Birthdate - ?/?/46 - 8/30/96

5'10" 240 lbs. - HOT

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Don Fargo

Aliases - Magnificent Maurice Chevier, Chuck Dupree, Paul Dupree, John Dillinger, American Dream, Chris Von Colt

Professional Background (together) - Gulf Coast(`66), Detroit(`68), NWF(`69), Arizona(`69), Washington

Peak Years - `68-`71

Place in HistoryPro-wrestling has seen its fair share of tragic tales, but the inter-spliced lives of Ron Dupree and Chris Colt is one that is generally overlooked.  Dupree, was the older of the two, and had broken into the business with Tony Santos’ promotion.  He worked as Golden Boy Dupree, possibly a take-off on Emile Dupree, but he preferred a blond heel persona to a babyface one.  It wasn’t until he hooked up with a like-minded free spirit in Chuck Harris that his career started going places.  Harris had spent his early years as a Don Fargo hanger-on and the influence of that time with such a wild and unique individual unquestionably shaped the trajectory of his career.  Harris took Ronnie’s last name and the two became the Dupree Brothers (or the “Golden Boys”) a pair of bleach blondes who worked heel around the South and Midwest.  They transformed themselves into the California Hell’s Angels in Detroit, after witnessing the success that Jack Dillinger (Fargo) and different partners had had with the biker persona.  The Hell’s Angels were finding great success in the Midwest.  They worked a different style as they portrayed untrained brawlers who would do anything to hurt and defeat opponents.  After Frank Dillinger was legitimately shot by an upset biker gang, Harris became John Dillinger as a replacement.  This new version of the Chain Gang (they ceased using the Hell’s Angels) slowly softened their image and became more hippie-like before going their separate ways.  Ronnie reunited with Paul (his new name) and they brought a ramped up version of the Hell’s Angels to Arizona and took a safer name in Los Comancheros.  The territory, while not widely remembered, enjoyed a hot period with the two working on top.  The pair were at their violent and bloody best.  Ronnie was a great promo, threatening faces in his gravelly voice, while Paul was a great worker.  They took their act on the road, however Dupree suffered a heart attack that forced him out of the ring and a second that took his life.  Their relationship was definitely complex as Ronnie had been an older mentor, a reliable partner and more during their time together.  Many believe that Chris Colt, as he had become known as, was never quite the same.  Always a bizarre individual, he lived as if there was no tomorrow, which allowed for his genius to truly come through as well as his opportunities to be limited.  Colt was an excellent bumping heel who loved bleed and sell big for babyfaces.  His persona became a strange synthesis of his past ones mixed with new elements.  He kept his black leather and his offensive piercings; he brought back his blond hair and some of the hippie stuff; he also introduced what would become his trademark - the black spider-like makeup around his eyes taken from Alice Cooper.  The “Chris Colt Experience” was in full effect and he became infamous for working while on drugs, yet he was performing at a higher level than most around him.  Colt bounced around regularly as a result, modifying his character as he needed to.  Sometimes he dropped the makeup, sometimes he left his leather at home and sometimes he played it all to the hilt.  By the mid-80s, Chris Colt was a shell of his former self, floating around the undercards of smaller regional promotions and independent shows.  He did some gay pornography to supplement his income before turning his life around in the 1990s, but by that time he was dying from AIDS.  Chris Colt, not unlike his partner Ron Dupree, met a tragic end and his true potential was never fully realized.  The two had a certain magic together and could have become one of the most memorable tag teams if they had worked a few more years together on top.  Chris Colt has been kept alive through tales of his “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” lifestyle, while Ron Dupree is just a name within those stories.