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Coloso Colosetti

Real NameElio Carlo Colosseti Drazich

Lifespan - 5/19/48

6’1” 198 lbs. - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

AliasesCarlos Colosetti, Tarzán, El Apolo Argentino, El Enterrador, Batman, Maskaraman, El Internacional, El Fantasma Blanco

Peak Years`69-`75

Place in HistoryWhile pro-wrestling has never been above fabricated the homeland of foreign bad guys, it seems that an authentic one often lends itself to more believability.  The man who became known as “Coloso Colosetti” grew up in Argentina and pursued pro-wrestling.  Although “Titanes en el Ring” had created a popular niche in the country, there were some who preferred to go abroad and pursue more traditional approaches.  In Mexico, Colosetti quickly worked his way into the main mix of the Light Heavyweights battling with prominent technicos and even enjoying an NWA Light Heavyweight title reign where he feuded with Ray Mendoza.  Los Angeles was the outlet to the United States for talent from Mexico and most of the top luchadors came through at some point.  The area’s top singles title, the Americas title, even had a fictional backstory that included Pampero Firpo winning it from Coloso Colosetti in Mexico and bringing it stateside.  Colosetti was a strong supporting heel in Southern California during a hot period, not only was he a credible opponent for the likes of Freddie Blassie, but he was an ideal opponent for many of the Mexican technicos and he worked well with Asian imports, even formed a championship team with the Great Yamamoto (Kantaro Hoshino).  The UWA was becoming a hot spot for international talent and the Argentine was in the mix for years, continuing to be an excellent opponent for wrestlers from around the world.  By the late 1970s, the Los Angeles market was in a steep decline and Colosetti focused more of his time looking for opportunities elsewhere, like Texas.  It was here that he seemed to click as a heel opposite the up-and-coming David and Kevin Von Erich.  Back in Mexico, he had a brief run under a mask as El Internacional and had some Luchas de apuestas with the likes of Canek, Villano III and Ringo Mendoza.  Like many of the famous stars of “El Toreo,” Coloso Colosetti was able to live off his fame into the 1990s, even battling Perro Aguayo in a notable hair match in 1991.