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Real Name - 

William Jason “Jay” Reso

Birthdate - 11/30/73

6'1" 225 lbs. - Kitchener, ON

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - 

Ron Hutchinson, Sweet Daddy Siki; Bret Hart, Leo Burke; Dory Funk Jr.

Professional Background - 

Indies(`95-`98), WWF/WWE(`98-`05), TNA(`05-`08), Indies(`06-`08), ROH(`06), WWE(`09-)


Christian Cage

Groups - 

Thug Life, The Brood, Ministry of Darkness, The Alliance, The Un-Americans, Christian Coalition

Peak Years - `00-`07

Finisher(s) - 

- Killswitch / Unprettier (Inverted Butterfly Drop)

- Frog Splash

Favorites -

- Tornado DDT

- Springing Sunset Flip

- Falling Reverse DDT

- Powerslam

- Pendulum Kick out of the corner

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - 

At forty, it has become obvious that Christian’s best years are behind him and the question now is what will he do next?  During the Attitude Era, Christian was a key player in raising the bar of ECW-influenced physicality and stunts.  Curiously, he avoided injuries during that period, but it all caught up with him a decade later.  Christian was the childhood friend of Edge and they worked alongside one another for years.  The youth movement during the Attitude Era benefitted he and other ambitious pro-wrestlers off the independents.  As part of the Brood, he was able to get his foot in the door and formed an alliance with Edge that led to their successful tag team.  Edge was the one with all the top star promise, but Christian proved to be a true workhorse whose big bumps and instincts were key.  E&C’s goofball antics helped them break out of the pack and their work gave the office confidence in them.  When they were broken up, Christian struggled to find a place as a heel.  It is known that Vince McMahon never cared for him and that unquestionably hobbled his progress.  Christian finally emerged as a overbearingly arrogant heel calling his

imaginary fans “The Peeps,” bringing in Tyson Tomko as his muscle and wearing outlandish ring gear.  The act was working, but the WWE was slow to get behind him.  He bravely left the company and hoped to capitalize on his strong character in TNA.  “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage had a tumultuous run in the secondary pro-wrestling company in the United States.  While he had room for more creative input and plenty of quality opposition, Christian does not romanticize his time in TNA.  He was among the first of the WWE stars to depart for TNA and like Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle, he found a measure of success there.  In 2009, he returned to the WWE.  He was not positioned to be a top star, but rather one step below that upper tier.  Christian worked with young talent like Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio, which continued to show his strengths as a ring general.  The injuries began piling up and his returns have been successively less impactful.  Christian was probably never going to be a main eventer or long-term champion, but he has always seemed capable of more than his midcarder status.  Whether it was his lack of size, lack of intensity or lack of seriousness, Christian always seemed to be missing that piece to making it to the next level.