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Riki Choshu


Real Name - Mitsuo Yoshida (formerly "Kwak Kwang-Ung")
Birthdate - 12/3/51
5'10" 230 lbs. - Tokuyama, Yamaguchi, Japan

Athletic Background - Wrestling (Senshu University and `72 Olympics)

Teacher(s) - Masa Saito

Professional Background - New Japan(`73-`84), Mexico(`82), Japan Pro(`84-`87), All Japan(`84-`87), New Japan(`87-`02), World Japan(`03), Free(`03-), New Japan(`06-)

AliasesMitsuo Yoshida

Groups - Ishin Gundan, Legend

Peak Years - `82-`92

Finisher(s) - 
- Sasorigatame
- "Riki" Lariat
- Enzui "Riki" Lariat

Favorites -
- Side Back Suplex
- Suplex
- Running Powerslam
- Bodyslam
- Stomping

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - In his day, Riki Choshu was the future king of puroresu. He employed a faster style that challenged Japan's traditional style and became as popular as it was influential. New Japan never pushed him, until he returned from Mexico and became a heel. His feud with Tatsumi Fujinami stretched out and made Choshu wildly popular. Like Ric Flair in America, Choshu was having the best matches in the country and became arguably the most popular and respected. He eventually left New Japan and tried his hand on his own and as part of All Japan, but neither avenue quite worked. Choshu returned to New Japan where his popularity was just as strong, if not stronger, and he was a major force. He and Fujinami largely took over Inoki's spot and passed down the spots to Keiji Muto, Shinya Hashimoto and Masa Chono. Choshu remained a strong star for much of the 1990s, largely because he was a booker and things work like that. His ideas helped make New Japan the biggest wrestling company in the world with exciting programs and excellent matches to go along with them. He's one of the biggest stars of puroresu and the fact he did it on his own terms without the assistance of his own successful company is an almost unprecedented feat.