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Masahiro Chono


Real Name - Masahiro Chono
Birthdate - 9/17/63
6'1" 238 lbs. - Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Kotetsu Yamamoto, Antonio Inoki (New Japan Dojo); Stu Hart; Lou Thesz

Professional Background - New Japan(`84-`10), CWA(`87) Kansas City(`87-`88), Cont’l(`88), Maritimes(`88), CWA(`94), WCW(`96-`97), All Japan(`10)

Aliases - Masa Chono, Kamikaze Chono, Tokyo Chono

Groups - Team Wolf, New World Order, nWo Japan, Team 2000, Black New Japan, Chono & Nakamura-Gun, Legend-Gun

Peak Years - `91-`98

Finisher(s) - 
- Kenka (Yakuza) Kick
- Butterfly Lock
- Shining Kenka Kick
- Ganso (Dragon Sleeper) STF
- FTS (Reverse STF)
- Enzui Yakuza Kick

Favorites -
- Snap Back Suplex
- Flying Shoulder Tackle
- Snap Suplex
- Piledriver
- Inverted Atomic Drop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Masahiro Chono is perhaps the most famous Japanese heels in the country's illustrious history.  While people like Umanosuke Ueda, the Great Muta and others might lay claim to title, Chono's longevity as the main antagonist to New Japan's greatest heroes makes him an iconic "bad guy" in puroresu.  It was not always that way.  Masa Chono spent years as a solid wrestler who was pushed well in the early 1990s.  He won the first two G1 Climax tournaments and the NWA World Championship, but lacked the color of many of the other New Japan maineventers.  Following a serious neck injury from Steve Austin, Chono went on a downward spiral.  He rebounded and following a third G1 Climax win, he began reinventing himself.  Fitting himself in black attire, wearing his now trademark black sunglasses, employing some heelish tactics and creating a stable, Masahiro Chono quickly began standing out as he never had before.  WCW's creation of the nWo soon influenced their Japanese partners and the storyline in Japan almost mimicked the storyline in the US.  Following the group's demise, New Japan continued to push the same concept with Team 2000 and later Black New Japan.  Masahiro Chono was breaking down physically and while his loud-mouthed personality was still strongly over, his best days were behind him.  Chono has continued to work periodically and since 2010 has been freelancing like many top stars and cherry-picking his matches.  Masahiro Chono has firmly established himself as one of puroresu's most enduring and memorable characters.  He is instantly recognizable and was a top star at time when New Japan was one of the  hottest pro-wrestling companies in the world.