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Real Name - Kevin Citlali Zamora

Birthdate - 7/2/75

6’ 230 lbs. - Villa Nicolas Romero, MX, Mexico

Athletic Background - Soccer

Teacher(s) - El Canek, Pepe Casas

Professional Background - n/a

AliasesM-357, Magnum, Quinto Elemento

Groups - The Black Family, LLL (Lucha Libre Latina), La Maniarquia, La Secta Cibernetica, Los Hell Brothers, Los OGTs

Peak Years - `04-`12

Finisher(s) - 

- 450 Splash

- Powerbomb

- Spear

- Canalillo Breaker (Sitting Torture Rack)

- Neck Hang Bomb

Favorites -

- Lungblower

- Michinoku Driver

- Spear to the floor

- Superkick

- Uppercutt Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set7

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The mind of Antonio Pena birthed a host of characters that made AAA into one of the most distinct pro-wrestling promotions in the world.  After the success of Charly Manson, a face-painted character influenced by Marilyn Manson and Charles Manson, Pena created another one. Named for a noted criminal Caryl Chessman, who was dubbed the “Red Light Bandit,” the rudo known as Chessman came on the scene in 2000.  He even ditched his previous masked persona, Quinto Elemento, without losing a mask match. Chessman went on to become one of the best rudos of the past twenty-five years in lucha libre even if he has never really been the “top” rudo. He largely served as a strong supporting character in heel groups, but was a key component in making many of his technico opponents look great.  He and Charly Manson were together in the Black Family, which joined the larger LLL group. Although they found themselves on opposite sides when Manson joined Los Vipers, they were soon reunited by Cibernetico in his La Secta Cibernetica stable. That group imploded as well with Cibernetico, Charly Manson and Chessman emerging as a technico trio called Los Hell Brothers. The story of Los Hell Brothers battling both Konnan’s La Legión Extranjera stable of foreigners and Mesías’s La Secta stable of rudos was the type of storylines that carried AAA in the years after the death of Antonio Pena.  Chessman was finally positioned as a top star when Los Hell Brothers broke apart. He won a Rey de Reyes tournament, challenged for and won some top singles titles and headed up his own group, the OGTs, which finally allowed him to break away from his years in the shadow of Charly Manson and/or Cibernetico. While he might not be identified as such immediately, Chessman has been one of the most reliable and consistent talents for AAA in their entire history. Many have come and gone, some have been hot, some have cooled off, but Chessman has been that steady figure working whereover and with whomever that was needed.