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Linde Caulder

Real NameHenry Caulder

Lifespan - 5/9/??

5’6” 182 lbs. - Brentford, Middlesex, England

Athletic BackgroundWrestling; Weightlifting, Boxing, Soccer, Swimming, Cycling

Teacher(s) - n/a

AliasesLarry Coulton, Lawrence Coulson, Lindy Caulder

Peak Years - 1960s

Place in HistoryLinde Caulder was billed as being from Antigua, although he was from Northern England.  Growing up, Caulder was a fantastic athlete and after serving as a paratrooper, he started in pro-wrestling.  Caulder was, by all accounts, the complete package in the ring.  He possessed strength and speed that were second-to-none and he had an impressive build and physical presence that was not common among British wrestlers.  While welterweights might not be as successful abroad as their heavier counterparts, in Britain, it was arguably the strongest weight class.  Caulder had the benefit of working against the likes of Mick McManus and Jackie Pallo and establishing himself as a blue-eye capable of working on top.  The only thing that seemed to limit Caulder was his race.  He was often paired with Africa’s Johnny Kwango early in his career and Tonga’s Leon Fortuna (in a tandem known as the “Sepia Set”) later in his career.  British wrestling loved to compartmentalize wrestlers and Linde Caulder was designated as the wrestler from the Caribbean island of Antigua.  Over the years, Linde Caulder was able to find a degree of success in Britain and he toured Europe and the Middle East as many did in those days.  In the 1970s, Caulder was among the many British talents that worked in Canada while touring the world.  However, he found a home in Western Canada and spent much of the decade working for the Calgary and Vancouver offices.  It was here that he finished up his active career and he retired in British Columbia.  Pro-wrestling has always been made up of supporting players who despite athletic ability, popularity or in-ring talent never became the level of star that they could have or maybe should have.  Linde Caulder, whether because of his skin color or other factors, was like Johnny Kwango, like Johnny Kincaid and like Prince Kumali, he was the token black wrestler on the card.