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Bugsy McGraw


Real Name - Michael Davis

Birthdate - ?/?/45

6’3” 279 lbs. - Tampa, FL

Athletic Background - Football

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - Ohio(`68-`70), Florida(`69), Mid-Atlantic(`69), Georgia(`69-`70), Los Angeles(`70), Amarillo(`70), Omaha(`70), California(`71), Hawaii(`71-`72), Portland(`72-`73), Vancouver(`72-`74), AWA(`74), IWE(`74), WWWF(`75-`76), Maritimes(`76), Tri-State(`76-`78), Detroit(`78), Georgia(`78-`79), Los Angeles(`78), New Japan(`78), Florida(`79-`81), All Japan(`81), Memphis(`81), World Class(`82-`83), Mid-Atlantic(`83), Florida(`83-`87), Georgia(`83-`84), NWA/JCP(`87-`88), Indies(`89-`91)

AliasesMike Davis, Mighty Brutus, The Big O, Beautiful Brutus, The Skull, The Spoiler, The Brute, Mr. Uganda, The Green Machine

Groups - The Family, H&H Enterprises

Peak Years - `75-`82

Finisher(s) - 

- Big Splash

- Foreign Object

Favorites -

- Bodyslam

- Elbowdrop

- Turnbuckle Smash

- Bionic Elbow

- Fast Jabs & Wind-Up Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set4

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - In the latter days of his career, Bugsy McGraw, hovering around forty, balding and going grey took his career in a new direction as a comedic babyface.  It was a character that he had been flirting with over the years, but he fully committed in World Class and Florida in the mid-80s.  Wearing a top hat or aviator goggles, airplaning around the ring or doing the “Curly Shuffle,” Bugsy McGraw was so goofy that it simply got over with fans, especially the kids.  A Florida native, Mike Davis made his start in there before traveling around to learn.  His size and physical presence made him a great prospect and he was given a number of guises.  He was the masked Big O, the Brute, the Skull or Brutus.   He was the protege of the likes of Boris Malenko, Tony Borne and Gary Hart who he’d feud with after a splitting up.  Throughout the 1970s, he enjoyed several significant pushes winning the United States title in San Francisco, working as the top heel in Oklahoma, teaming with and feuding with Dusty Rhodes in Florida and even headlining with Bruno Sammartino in the WWWF.  It was in the Northeast that he was first given the Bugsy McGraw name.  While his accomplishments might be overshadowed by his later persona, Mike Davis began tapping into a darker, demented character.  Like Dusty Rhodes, Davis had a speech impediment that made him self-conscious in his youth.  In the pro-wrestling world, that perceived weakness was the key to his success.  His ranting promos were exceptional in terms of delivery as he voice rose and fell, he cackled maniacally and delved into more psychological elements.  This all while he flashed his missing teeth, waved his arms around and his eyes bugged out of his head.  No wonder he got over as a heel.  By the 1980s, he was using the name Bugsy McGraw exclusively and eventually made the switch to being a babyface.  In World Class, Bugsy’s dancing and clapping character became one of the favorites of kids and he kept it going for a few years in Georgia, the Carolinas and his home state of Florida.  During this time period, pro-wrestling enjoyed a surge in popularity and most people came to remember Bugsy McGraw by this time frame.  He became a nurse and did very well in his investments while becoming involved in ministry work in the Tampa area.