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Jim Brunzell

Real Name - James Brunzell

Birthdate - 8/13/49

5'9" 234 lbs. - White Bear Lake, MN

Athletic Background - Football (University of Minnesota)

Teacher(s) - Verne Gagne, Bill Robinson [`72 AWA Camp]

Professional Background - AWA(`73), Kansas City(`73-`74), AWA(`74-`79), Mid-Atlantic(`79-`80), AWA(`81-`85), All Japan(`82), WWF(`85-`89), All Japan(`89), Indies(`89-`94), UWF(`91), AWF(`94)

Aliases - none

Groups - none

Peak Years - `77-`85

Finisher(s) - 

- Outside-In Sunset Flip

- Figure-Four Leglock

- Dropkick

Favorites -

- Atomic Drop

- Flying Head Scissors

- Monkey Flip

- Falling Hamstring Stretch

- European Uppercutt

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History -  Jumpin' Jim Brunzell had two distinct lives in the pro-wrestling world as did many of his WWF colleagues in the mid-80s. He began his career in the AWA as a local boy who worked through their camp and underneath on the cards. Brunzell’s past as a high jumper made him one of the real highflyers of the 1970s. Like Red Bastien, Mil Mascaras and even his partner Greg Gagne, Brunzell’s “highflying” is not as complex, acrobatic or dangerous as today’s. He teamed with Gagne as a pair of undersized babyfaces with some great highspots in their arsenal and were named “The High Flyers.” The duo had two distinct runs in the late 70s and the early 80s. Both times they were pushed hard and enjoyed lengthy reigns. Brunzell always wanted to break out as a singles star however. After a successful stint in Mid-Atlantic, he stagnated as singles talent in the AWA. As the WWF began taking off, Brunzell jumped and felt he could do better there. Again he was paired in tag team. Floridian B. Brain Blair created their “Killer Bees” personas, which were a hit with kids. The Bees never captured the WWF Tag belts and grew frustrated as a result. Blair split and Brunzell became a jobber for the remainder of his time there, forever tainting his name value. Jumpin' Jim Brunzell was a dynamic tag wrestler and formed two top notch teams in different companies. Although he was turned into a jobber with a phenomenal dropkick in the last part of his career, Brunzell was successful through the first part and that is his true legacy.