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The Brunetti Brothers (Guy & Joe)

Guy Brunetti (1929-2005)

Real Name - Guy Joe Brunetti

Birthdate - 9/28/1929 - 5/8/2005

6'1" ??? lbs. - Midvale, UT

Athletic Background - Football (University of Utah)

Teacher(s) - Wild Bill Longson

Professional Background -

Aliases - none

Joe Brunetti (1927-1997)

Real Name - Joseph F. Tangaro

Birthdate - 7/21/27 - 9/30/97

?'?" ??? lbs. - Carbon County, UT

Athletic Background - Football (University of Utah)

Teacher(s) - Wild Bill Longson

Professional Background -

Aliases - Joe Tangaro

Peak Years - 50s

Place in HistoryWhen you take a pair of handsome brothers and pair them off with dastardly villains Kenji Shibuya & Mitsu Arakawa, the Smith Brothers and most notably the Kalimikoffs, how can the money not come pouring in?  Guy Brunetti and Joe Tangaro were teammates on the University of Utah football team before being convinced to give pro-wrestling a try.  They learned the ropes from Bill Longson, headed East and never looked back.  The two had amazing near fifteen year run that took them all over the US and Canada.  They had an all-American boy act - clean-cut good looks, their college letterman jackets and hailed from a nondescript state.  The Brunetti Brothers might not have been the most original, but they could get over most anywhere and avoided staleness by travelling often.  They were respected by their peers in the ring and knew how to get themselves, their opponents and the match over.  It was easy for vicious foreign heels to build heat and promoters relied on that dynamic often.  The Brunetti Brothers against other brother teams, specifically heels, worked well also as they battled the Gallaghers, the Miller and Lisowskis to the delight of fans.  They were so successful that they were used to launch tag titles in promotions all over by either coming in as the champions or putting over heels as inaugural champions.  The Brunetti Brothers held over a dozen different regional tag titles representing more than fifteen states and a four Canadian provinces.  After their in-ring careers ended, Guy became the promoter in Salt Lake City with Joe as his silent partner.  His television coverage blanketed a substantial area allowing Brunetti was able to have a good run in the late 60s and early 70s.  Both men followed up their pro-wrestling careers in the restaurant business.  Joe was felled by ALS in 1998 and Guy passed several years later.  Guy and Joe Brunetti were an important tag team in terms of helping establish tag team wrestling and titles all over North America.  They excelled in their babyface roles and worked with many of the great heels of pro-wrestling’s golden age.