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Bruce Hart

Real Name - Bruce Ambrose Edward Hart

Birthdate - 1/30/51

5'9' 212 lbs. - Calgary, ALB

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Stu Hart

Professional Background - Stampede(`72-`84), WWF(`84), Stampede(`85-`89), Indies(`89-)

Aliases - none

Groups - Hart Family

Peak Years - `79-`85

Finisher(s) -

- Neckbreaker Lariat

- Hart-breaker Leglock (Reverse Figure-Four)

Favorites -

- Legdrop

- Dropkick

- Uppercutt Punch

- Kneedrop

- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set5

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The Hart family is one of pro-wrestling's most famous and with good reason. Patriarch Stu Hart was a well-regarded old-timer with a rugged territory, Bret was a top star, Owen was highly regarded before his tragic death and brothers-in-law Davey Boy Smith and Jim Neidhart were very good in their heydays. Some of the other Hart Family members are not as highly thought of however. Bruce Hart falls into that category. The oldest Hart son and a favorite of mother Helen, Bruce was willing to work hard for the business and had a creative mind, but simply lacked the talent and perspective to become a great wrestler or booker. His in-ring style was stiff and reckless, which seemed to be a product of overexcitement when caught up in the moment. Bruce was undersized and perhaps insecure. Never the caliber amateur of his younger brothers nor as athletically gifted, Bruce's dedication to the Stampede product cannot be denied. Over time, Bruce horned his way into booking the territory in its later years with a few good ideas and some bad ones. Heel refs and ball shots did the company no favors over time and some have charged Bruce with weakening Stampede before Vince McMahon decided to go (inter)national. The company was no longer profitable for Stu Hart and he made a deal with McMahon that saw his top four talents signed and Bruce given a deal behind the scenes. Not one to play second fiddle, Bruce eventually soured on the position and reopened Stampede. This second version produced some quality talent, but was low-rent compared to the WWF, which featured Stampede's former top stars. Bruce booked himself as a top star, battering numerous heels single-handedly and teaming with hot young star Brian Pillman. Stampede would eventually close and reopen sporadically over the years, largely as an indy level product. Bruce and Keith Hart were able to help train some good young talent and helped the next generation of the Hart family receive formative training and gain some seasoning before many of them signed deals with the WWE. After screwing up several deals with the WWF, Bruce Hart became bitter and outspoken against Vince McMahon and what the pro-wrestling has become. From making outrageous comments in the Calgary Sun to making embarrassing speeches, Bruce Hart did nothing to help his legacy. Bruce Hart is now justly or unjustly lumped with people like George Gulas, Captain Ed George and Greg Gagne as sons of promoters whose influence took their father's promotion into the toilet before its closure.