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Killer Tim Brooks


Real Name - Timothy Paul Brooks

Birthdate - ?/?/47

6’1” 245 lbs. - Dallas, TX

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Dick Murdoch, The Sheik

Professional Background - Texas(`69), Nashville, Detroit(`73-`74), NWF(`69,`71), Dallas(`76), Calgary(`77), WCCW(`78-`81), Portland(`78-`79), SWCW(`80), GCW(`83), SWCW(`84), WCCW(`85-`86), TASW(`85), WWC(`86), Montreal(`87), GWF(`91-`92), Indies(`92-`97)

AliasesCrazy Luke Mulligan, The Bounty Hunter, Dr. X, Bad News Brooks, Buster Brown Brody

Groups - none

Peak Years - `76-`85

Finisher(s) - 
Loaded Elbow

Favorites -

- Legdrop

- Turnbuckle Smash

- Driving Kneedrop

- Overhead Smash

- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Legend has it, Tim Brooks was driving his cousin Dick Murdoch to a wrestling gig and somebody didn't show up, so he stepped in the ring. Tim Brooks really got his first big break in Detroit in the early 1970s under the Sheik. He learned the craft of being a heel, of which he was one of the most violent and brutal of his day.  Killer Brooks effectively looked the role of a bad ass biker with his big beard, thinning long hair, tattoos, cigar and black leather jacket.  Perhaps more importantly, he played the role.  Brooks was a nasty brawler and got over strongly as a heel.  His time with the Sheik set him up for a successful career with notable runs in a number of territories.  Tim Brooks took so many handles too: "Killer," "Bad News," "The Outlaw" and "The Waxahachie Wild Man" and all were perfect for a gritty and tough guy like him.  Like many of that generation, he was running the roads hard and took up some extracurricular activities.  His drug problems had a greater impact on his personal life after his career had wound down, but perhaps it limited his success in those later years.  After retiring from active wrestling, Killer Brooks opened a school  and promotion in the Dallas area.