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Gino Brito

Real NameLouis Gino Acocella

Birthdate - 5/18/41

5’10” 240 lbs. - Montreal, QUE

Athletic BackgroundWrestling

Teacher(s) - Jack Britton; George Cannon

AliasesGino Calza, Gino Galza, Louis Cerdan

Peak Years`65-`77

Place in HistoryGino Brito, a notable Italian-Canadian in pro-wrestling, has done it all within the sport over a span of five decades.  His father and uncle, Gabriel and Luigi Acocella, were turned into Irish faces, Jack Britton and Lou Kelly, by Paul Bowser during their wrestling careers.  Britton is noted as the man who popularized “midget wrestling” in the 1950s. He trained and booked out a troupe that included Little Beaver, Sky Low Low and Fuzzy Cupid.  Britton’s son started out driving them around as a teeanger. He soon climbed into a ring himself. He took his father’s adopted name, shortened it and did not hide his Italian heritage.  As Gino Brito, he began building a name for himself and soon found himself in New York City. Although he adopted a new name, Louis Cerdan (taken from a famous boxer), he probably achieved his greatest success as a pro-wrestler during that time as part of Bruno Sammartino’s Italian crew in the WWWF.  Cerdan and Antonio Pugliese (Tony Parisi) were tag team champions in the mid-1970s. Montreal had been one of the hottest pro-wrestling cities in the world, but after a promotional war between the Rougeaus and the Vachons, the city was burnt out and went dark for a few years. Following in his father’s promotional footsteps, Gino Brito partnered up with Andre the Giant and Frank Valois and formed Promotion Varoussac.  The company did some impressive business during their seven year run with a fantastic core of Quebecois talent in Rick Martel, the Rougeaus and Brito’s protege Dino Bravo. They also brought in a steady stream of outsiders coming in to provide fresh matches. Even Gino Brito Jr. worked for the company. The pro-wrestling scene was changing and Pat Patterson was convinced that the WWF should treat the Montreal market differently and for a while they did.  When the deal turned and the WWF signed away the company’s top stars, Gino Brito began bringing in wrestlers from Western Canada, Puerto Rico and Japan. Gino Brito tried touring in Ontario with little success. In 1992, Brito was arrested as being part of a loan shark operation and it was high profile enough that he disappeared from the Montreal scene for a while. Gino Brito has returned and become something of a godfather of pro-wrestling in Quebec as he has more experience and knowledge of the scene than perhaps anyone still living.