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Dino Bravo


Real Name - Adolfo Bresciano
Lifespan - 9/6/49 - 3/10/93
5'10" 240 lbs. - Laval, QUE

Athletic Background - Weightlifting

Teacher(s) - Edouard Carpentier, Luigi Macera, Gino Brito

Professional Background - IWA(`70-`73), Maritimes(`72), Los Angeles(`74), Grand Prix(`74), IWA(`75-`76), Georgia(`75-`76), Mid-Atlantic(`76-`79), WWWF(`77), Toronto(`78-`79), WWWF(78), AWA(`79-`84), IWA(`81-`85), New Japan(`82), WWF(`85-`86), WWF(`87-`92), WWC(`91-`92)

Aliases - none

Groups - none

Peak Years - `77-`85

Finisher(s) - 
- Side Suplex
- Airplane Spin

Favorites -
- Dropkick
- Atomic Drop
- Legdrop
- Backdrop
- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Dino Bravo is remembered by many fans as a gassed up bleached blond undercarder who the WWF had around through the boom period. But by the time he was brought in, Bravo was nearing forty and was past his prime. In his younger years, Bravo was a stocky powerhouse, a good athlete and a decent worker. He had success everywhere he went, but in Canada he was a top star. In Montreal and Toronto, Bravo was a big star and he beat some major people in promoter's successful attempt of making him a star. As the WWF was grabbing up regional talents, Bravo was amongst them and they had major plans for him. Unfortunately, when Bravo was going to wrestle Hulk Hogan in Montreal the company feared their babyface champion would be booed by the 20,000 fans and they scrapped the match. Bravo quit, but eventually came back and was made into a midcard heel for the next five years. He had limited involvement in wrestling after that and was making his money by smuggling cigarettes, which led to his murder in 1993. One of the greatest superstars Canada ever produced who was a major player through the 70s and 80s, but had his legacy spoiled by being buried in the WWF.