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Brad Armstrong (1961-2012)


Real Name - Robert Bradley James
Lifespan - 6/15/61 - 11/1/2012
5'11" 220 lbs. - Marietta, GA

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Bob Armstrong

Professional Background - SECW[Alabama](`81), Georgia(`81-`84), Mid-South/UWF(`84-`87), Cont’l(`86-`88), All Japan(`86), JCP/NWA(`87-`88), WCW(`90-`94), USWA(`95), SMW(`95), CWA(`95), WCW(`96-`01), Indies(`03-`12), WWE(`06-`07)

AliasesMr. R, Fantasia, Bad Street, Candyman, Arachnaman, Freedom Fighter, Dos Hombre II

Groups - Armstrong Army, No Limit Soldiers

Peak Years - `85-`93

Finisher(s) - 
- Side Russian Legsweep

- Flying Bodypress
- Swinging Neckbreaker

- Dropkick
- Armdrag
- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The son of Southeastern territory legend, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong, Brad Armstrong came into wrestling as his dad's career was waning and became one of the better workers of the 80s. He primarily teamed with his father in his early years in Georgia, where he established himself as an exciting youngster and soon became a strong junior heavyweight. In his early years and throughout much of his career was a constant tag wrestler, mainly teaming with his father, his brothers and Tim Horner, who made up the on-and-off Lightning Express team that was reasonably successful. Outside of tag wrestling, Brad was a solid heavyweight and remained at that level everywhere except during his WCW runs and enjoyed top title runs in Georgia (GCW), Mid-South (UWF), Alabama (Continental), Tennesee and Kentucky (USWA, SMW). He returned to WCW several times in the 90s with various bad gimmicks and was mainly a exceptional undercard worker. After all the territories in the South had died, Brad Armstrong and his brothers became the born losers of WCW under the "Armstrong Curse" and worked with the company until a knee injury sidelined him until his contract expired in 2001. Brad Armstrong was a strong worker who travelled around the Southeast for twenty years and though many remember him as simply a solid hand in WCW, Brad was usually a top talent in the territories he wrestled in.  Following his time in WCW, Brad Armstrong worked several jobs, including one with the WWE, while doing some independent wrestling on the side.  While he was a pro-wrestler in the heyday of the steroid and drug culture, he died unexpectedly at the age of 51 of an undisclosed health issue.