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Nick Bockwinkel (1934-2015)


Real Name - Warren Nicholas Bockwinkel
Birthdate - 12/6/1934 - 11/14/2015
6' 225 lbs. - Eagen, MI

Athletic Background - Football [University of Oklahoma, UCLA]

Teacher(s) - Warren Bockwinkel, Lou Thesz, Wilbur Snyder, Gene Kiniski, Lord James Blears

Professional Background - California(`56-`7?), San Francisco[AWA](`62-`63) Hawaii, Portland, Texas, Georgia(`70), AWA(`70-), San Francisco[NWA](`73), Memphis(`78), Memphis(`80), SWCW(`80), WWF, WCW(`94)

Aliases - Dick Warren, Roy Diamond, The Sensational White Phantom, The Phantom

Groups - Heenan Family

Peak Years - `70-`85

Finisher(s) - 

Favorites - 
- Piledriver 
- Figure-Four Leglock 
- Drop Toe Hold into Deathlock 
- Headlock

Ringwork Rating - 


Intangibles Rating - 

 Entertainment 10 
 Selling 10 
 Carrying 10 

Place in History - One of the greats of the 70s, who was by all means a great champion even if he never wore the NWA title. When Verne Gagne was on his last legs as a headlining star, Bockwinkel was rushed in as first as his heel rival then his veteran babyface replacement. Bockwinkel got his start getting the rub from his father Warren and soon struck out on his own. While he did well for himself in the 60s, it wasn't until he rolled into Minneapolis that his career really took off. Bockwinkel became a high-caliber heel with eloquent, arrogant interviews that were backed up by science and rulebreaking in the ring. Teaming with Ray Stevens, the two became the premier tag team in wrestling and when Bobby Heenan joined up they got that much bigger and better. After the duos' days in the sun, Bockwinkel turned to the singles scene i.e. Verne Gagne. He became Gagne's able-bodied successor and while the transition was hard for Verne, "Slick" Nick shined in the role. He would put people over very well when need be and when the AWA ship was sinking he gracefully abandoned ship. One of wrestling's all-time great workers, who could mix it up on the mat as well as anyone and play the cockiest damn heel around, Nick Bockwinkel was deserving of every good thing he got from the busines.