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Bobby Lee (1950-2020)

Real NameCarlos Alvarado González

Lifespan - 4/15/1950 - 11/26/2020

5’8” 181 lbs. / 175cm 82 kg - León, Guanajuato, Mexico

Athletic BackgroundWrestling, Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Gymnastics, Swimming

Teacher(s) - n/a

AliasesImpacto, Gallo Tapado II, Gallo del Bajío, Masked Hurricane

Peak Years`78-`81

Place in HistoryThe luchador known as Bobby Lee emerged out of relative obscurity in 1978 earning him the nickname “La Bestia del `78.”   He was an athletic youngster who established himself with a unique style in the first five years of his career.  In 1978, he went to UWA promoter Francisco Flores, stating that he wanted an opportunity to be on top.  Soon after, Bobby Lee captured the UWA Welterweight title from Solar and began calling out the sixty-year old Santo.  The brash rookie and the legend, who was more than twice Bobby Lee’s age, created a rivalry that captured the attention of the fans and the media.  They met in a title match with the stipulation that if Bobby Lee won, then Santo would accept a mask-vs-mask match.  When he won, it shocked the world of lucha libre.  Santo put his mask up for the first time in a decade and the subsequent mask match saw Santo win in a controversial manner and a mask-vs-hair match that followed saw Santo win once again.  The gates from their series were several of the largest up to that point in North American pro-wrestling history.  It proved to be the last feud of Santo’s fifty-year career and should have been the beginning of the peak for Bobby Lee.  He toured Central America and worked in Los Angeles, but then an unusual event completely changed his career.  During a workout with Villano I, Bobby Lee sustained a significant hip and back injury.  Whether it was an accident or the result of a closed-door shoot is still unknown.  In 1981, Tiger Mask invited Bobby Lee to Japan for a mask-vs-mask match, where Bobby Lee put his signature green mask on (which was frowned upon in Mexico) as the Masked Hurricane.  Bobby Lee returned to Mexico and mainly worked as a referee in addition to doing some promoting over the years.  His son, Bobby Lee Jr., followed him into the business, although he was not particularly talented or successful.  There is often a question of who is the biggest “could’ve been” stars in pro-wrestling and Bobby Lee may be near the top of that list.  While he did achieve remarkable success before the age of 30, his career was effectively over soon after.