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"Bullet" Bob Armstrong


Real Name - Joseph Melton James
Birthdate - 10/3/39
5'11" 227 lbs. - Marietta, GA

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - Georgia(`66-), Nashville(`75), Memphis(`77), SECW[Alabama](`80-`85), Cont'l(`85-`86),

Aliases - Jim Durango, The Bullet

Groups - The Armstrong Army

Peak Years - `69-`75
Place in History - Bob Armstrong is one of the greatest pro-wrestlers in the Southeastern United States.  A Marine, a bodybuilder and a firefighter, he was an impressive physical specimen and credible man's man who got his start in Georgia.  After establishing himself as a top babyface, Armstrong moved to pro-wrestling full-time and was quickly elevated into a top role.  He had runs in Tennessee, Florida and elsewhere, but called Georgia home throughout the 1970s.  Armstrong worked a basic brawling style and got over with his passionate interviews and great in-ring psychology.  When the Georgia split happened, Armstrong was one of the only people to stick with the NWA office and elevated his stock as a result.  He was still a focal point when Georgia went national on the cable in the early 1980s.  Armstrong soon was joined by his sons Brad, Scott and Steve and they transitioned to Ron Fuller's Southeastern.  Bob booked and worked some memorable angles and got over some great talent in the 1980s.  He was semi-retired in the 1990s, but worked a top angle in Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling and continued to do indy shots here and there.  His amazing career has spanned six decades and he is definitely one of true legends of Southern rasslin'.