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The Blond Bombers (Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson)

Rip Hawk
Real Name - Harvey Maurice Evers
Birthdate - 6/6/21
5'9" - 240 lbs. - Hereford, TX
Athletic background - Wrestling (USMC)
Teachers - n/a
Professional background - Chicago(`48), Charlotte(`51), Atlanta(`56-`57), Amarillo(`57-`58), St. Louis(`58-`64), Los Angeles(`64), Toronto(`60), Mid-Atlantic(`61-`64), Houston(`62-`63), St. Louis(`73), Florida(`74), Nashville(`75), IWA(`75), Florida(`75-`76), Amarillo(`77-`78), St. Louis(`79), SWCW(`79), California(`80), Indies(`80-`82)
Aliases - Rip Evers, The Ripper

Swede Hanson
Real Name - Robert Fort Hanson
Birthdate - 3/27/1933 - 2/19/2002
6'3” - 280 lbs. - East Orange, NJ
Athletic background - Boxing (Golden Gloves)
Teachers - George Tragos
Professional background - Capitol(`57-`61), Pittsburgh, Montreal(`60),  Mid-Atlantic(`62-`82), Dallas(`64), WWF(`79-`80), Montreal(`81), WWF(`82-`86), New Japan(`83)
Aliases - Mr. X, Bounty Hunter

Professional Background (as a team) - Mid-Atlantic(`63), Florida(`65), Mid-Atlantic(`65-`69), Los Angeles(`67,`69), Atlanta(`67), Australia(`70), Mid-Atlantic(`72-`73) Amarillo(`76-`77)

Peak Years - `65-`72

Place in History - The long careers of Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson saw them live a few different lives within the pro-wrestling business.  Some might remember Rip “The Profile” Hawk as a top heel in St. Louis when the  one-city promotion was in its heyday.  Some might remember “Rawbone” Swede Hanson as an over-sized jobber in the WWF in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  However, it was the nearly two decade run that the two men had together, often dubbed the “Blond Bombers” that they are most famous for.  The contrast between the two worked perfectly.  Hawk was a loud-mouth who drew great heat and was a more dynamic in-ring performer, while Hanson was a methodical and stoic big man.  When put opposite George Becker & Johnny Weaver, the Scott Brothers or the Kentuckians throughout Virginia and the Carolinas, the Blond Bombers generated riot-causing heat.  While their time in the Mid-Atlantic territory was their most successful, the Hawk and Hanson duo worked around the Southeast as a top heel team up into the 1970s.  The act was given a different dimension with heel managers like Gary Hart and Homer O’Dell, but the team could generate plenty of heat on their own abilities.  Swede Hanson’s wide-open lifestyle caught up with him as a heart attack dramatically slowed his game.  The incident actually led to a split as Swede turned babyface and Hawk began teaming with a newcomer named Ric Flair.  Hawk’s act noticeably influenced Flair, who would soon become the top star in the territory.  Hanson wrestled for many more years and the pair even had another successful run in West Texas, but their best years were well behind them.  The team of Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson is perhaps the greatest marriage of opposites in pro-wrestling history.  Hawk was the  classic charismatic blond heel and Hanson was the big and brawny bruiser.  While a similar formula was used many times, most notably by the Hart Foundation years later, Hawk and Hanson are perhaps the most successful and accomplished tandem of that nature.