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Bill Miller (1927 - 1997)


Real NameWilliam Miller
Lifespan6/5/27 - 3/24/97
6'4" 250 lbs. - Fremont, OH

Athletic BackgroundWrestling, Football, Track & Field (Ohio State University)

Teacher(s) - n/a

Aliases - Dr. X, Mr. M, Mr. X, Dr. Bill Miller, Crimson Knight

Peak Years`58-`66

Place in HistoryThere has long been a popular theory that amateur wrestlers do not make great pro-wrestlers.  What have in legitimacy and athleticism, they often give up in color and, therefore, drawing power.  Bill Miller would be one of the great exceptions to that rule.  Standing well over six-feet and weighing in at 250 pounds or better, Miller was an imposing physical presence in the 1950s ans 1960s.  He also had a long list of amazing athletic feats as a star at Ohio State - offensive guard on one of the best football teams, nationally ranked in the discus and shot put and, most notably, wrestling.  Local promoter Al Haft convinced him to give pro-wrestling a try and he did.  At that time, Haft’s Columbus-based promotion was one of the best in the nation and Miller quickly established himself.  The locality also allowed him to continue studying veterinary medicine, which led to his “Dr. Bill Miller” handle.  After a couple years into the business, Miller was already pushed as a top guy and was being brought into most of the major territories.  His size and credentials made him easy to promote and his work got him over.  He was eventually partnered with “brother” Ed and legit brother Danny and combinations worked all over for years.  In 1959, Bill Miller went under the hood as Dr. X and went on a tear in Omaha that led to subsequent masked runs in Japan, Minneapolis and years later in St. Louis.  For a time, Bill Miller was one of the best drawing masked men, an accolade one might not readily associate with him.  By this time, Miller was one of the most respected men in the business.  He was a no-nonsense character who was not only a giant, but the training partner of Karl Gotch, so he could really hurt people.  People like Lou Thesz, Bruno Sammartino, Verne Gagne and Rikidozan thought highly of Miller and worked on top with him frequently.  Miller is also famous for an incident, where he and Gotch got in an altercation with Buddy Rogers leading to the NWA Champion’s hand being broken.  That aside, Miller was known for being highly professional and a generous heel who worked all the top performers right up to his retirement in 1976.  Bill Miller was a product of a bygone era.  A collegiate superstar in multiple sports who was able to parlay that into a twenty-five year career working on top or near the top in all of the premier territories in the US, Canada, Japan and Australia.